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  • I haven't been able to go on BOS for a few days too :/ Thank god it's back up :D
    well done for all your rankings, particularly in Music 2 and Ext!!! I assume you play the piano (from your avatar, lol)?

    umm.. I had 1st in Maths ext 2, religion and eco. top 5 in Ancient History and math ext 1. performed terribly in english though (barely passed!) ahahahah
    blaarg. exam results. some were fail, some were suprisingly good :)
    maths was sooo badly fail: 42.5/60 haha. i'm hoping it won't count x]
    chem was kiiiind of average. kind of. so i guess that's okay, i can't hope for more than grade average in a subject i was previously doing so badly in ;]
    good ones are 1st in eco :) [49/50] and 1st in 3u english :) [50/50] and 19/20 for mod =)
    but gaaaah. getting 2u english back tomorrow and i have a feeling i got owned.
    how bout you? :)
    Not bad, not bad. And music - pretty crazy marks there. (Ooh! I got 77% in my last 2u maths exam too!)
    Humm, I do have facebook, but after a certain incident - involving a person I met here who proceeded to stalk me down and somehow get hold of my full name, address and phone number (he was CREEPY) - I'm juuuust a tad hesitant about giving stuff that's too personal.
    But I have msn ^^ Rarely on, but I'll PM you it :)
    (Oh and about not getting into Ruse - that must have been because we have a new principle :uhhuh: . She's awful. Puts us to sleep during assembly. Most of the staff hate her too =D)
    Whaaat! You gave up coming to Ruse for a music scholarship?! We have a great music program! We have uhh....we have a new music building! It's blue and has fake windows O_O. .. Okay, admittedly, our music department does suck xD. If music is your passion, you made the right choice xD
    Lol, out of the three exams I've had, 2 (maths and chem) have been utter fail T_T (they're my worst subjects, numbers just don't make sense to me o_o). 2U english was kinda dodgy but maybe the teachers will give me the benefit of the doubt and pretend I make sense xD. 3U english & eco on Monday. For now, I'm pretending that Monday is verrrryyyy far away.

    How are your exams going/how did your exams go? :D
    Knox! I remember going there for a chess tournament waaaaay back in primary.
    I won one game out of twelve :D
    I'm Hash (yes, like the drug x]) and I go to Ruse =)
    Friends? For the common chem hate. ^_^ (Also, you like Stephen King which is just awesome xD)
    Dude I know how you feel, choosing chem over a subject you liked - I should have picked another history over chem but my parents told me I should "keep my options open". That appears to be working out well xD.
    Haha. I just realised, thanks to you, my number of rep points is 69 xDD.
    hey Vic my name is Ehtefaz Hedayet :p

    and yeh dats me on the profile pic gettin ready for the formal m8 :D

    hows life been?
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