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  • Ahaha. As if you even know that... lmao :lol: Kief? *I.e. wass up brah?* haha

    Ohh okay, nwz, yeh u'll get one in return ;) Just dont flinch haha. jkz

    Ohh nwz, hope its all going well at uni. Ouch...good luck Its nearly 2PM now. *I emailed yu today b4 i check my account just letting yu know i replied etc. haha ignore it*
    Hey, im sorry for the very delayed reply, i read your message in a rush a few weeks ago and thought i'd replied to it. I recently checked and realised i was wrong. :eek: Sorry! lol

    Soo, did you youtube it? "il try understand...." Random, but i think the fact that your open to different nationalities is great.

    Haha as if you understand...lol funny that the words you named were all foods! :hammer:

    Hmm gutsy ay? :p lol. Yerr you can see a pic, IF i get one in return ? ?
    lol. All for me? ;)

    lol. Yeh yu shud. hehe the guy from Lebanon With Love was performing at the Engagement...was so funny! lol He said a similar thing about all these ppl trying to steal his song. lol The "..there was once a jolly Lebo who like to eat...." to the waltzing matilda beat, lol i would recommend yu youtube it, but i think some words need translation. :p

    Thankyu... :eek:

    Uhh *dot dot dot* lol. Well yu'll have to keep imagining till yu request one at the possibility of being rejected. :p haha
    Ohh gud boi! Me too, i dont have a job cause im 'focusing' on my studies :p

    Ohh kwl. I asked cause my friend's bf used to record in the studio and his voice wasnt even that gud! :eek:
    R u srs? omg lol....plz send me em! i'm dying for a gud laugh!

    yeh i guess so. Im just not in the mood tonight...
    Yeh, lol their just looking out for me i guesss! Aww fun! lol. Are yu doing part/full time?

    kwl. How many have yu made? Yu have to go to a recording studio to do it don't you?

    Yeh its going okay...im attempting to *ahem* study for an exam i have tomorrow for SOR. ANd i have half yearlies coming up. I think i studied myself out on Friday night *till 3AM* and then on Saturday all day trying to finish an eco assessment that was only worth 10% i realised when i was printing my 10page report. :(
    Haii, nm. lol Just studying... and went to a massive engagement party last night, plenty of hotties there, lol too bad my cuz's were watching me the whole night :p

    lol. Wbu? How yu been?

    I started listening to yur rap the other day *soz i didnt reply yet* It seems really gud. I really liked it cause there was meaning and acrual truth behind it. Gud job! :) Is that yur latest one?

    ps: Nice voice ;)
    lol. Wow. Hehe i didnt mean any offence in my last comment btw. It was a compliment. :eek:

    To some extent yes, but there is also alot of conflict *u might already know?* inside the government between Muslim and Christian leaders-> There are many political 'parties' so to speak and even though ppl are 100s of KMs away from Lebanon, they are very patriotic and sensitive to the political issues. His rap has messages within it... its pretty good considerng this particualr cousin isnt one of my most intelligent ones. lol

    Ohh thanks.

    Nwz. Have fun. :p Bring stories back ay!
    Ohh wow. Whos side is it written from? loL i should hush and just wait till i hear it :p lol
    Thats good.

    Yeh my cuz's has political issues but to do with the Middle East, Lebanon to be more precise, its sucha complex system over there, with all the corruption and conflict etc.

    I must say i never expected yu to be into the political scene? Did someone/thing inspire yu? :eek:
    Ohh nice, yu actually recorded one now did ya? lol.

    My cuz once won a few hours in a recording studio, lol his raps were a bit out there fully sick cuz! hehe.

    Ohh msn? Its a distraction so nope i dont exaclty have one, however *i'll PM yu*

    SO what type of lyrics are they? Like wat type of music exactly?
    Ahaha yu can say that again. :p

    Gud idea. Me too ;) hehe

    lol. Yu write lyrics? U'll have to PM me some! lol

    Nws. Good night Mr Future Moderator. lol:rolleyes:
    Ahaha yeh was that a rhetorical qn? lol
    Yeh its funny quite entertaining actually :p

    Nm. Im sick and writing AOS essay. wbu?
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