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  • Hey there! So I saw a post where you said your subjects, and I am literally doing the exact same subjects as you this year, and if theres any way you could share your secrets it would be appreciated immensley ugh. if you could email me even at rebecca_k@y7mail.com, that would be so so so great
    I miss everyone in Australia (Australia was pretty cool as well) :/ Though buying everyone gifts is pretty fun :)
    eh its okay, just need to remember a few quotes and go over some c0ntent

    you'll be gr8, just like your 12vie voice
    I went to their gig about a month ago and they played almost all my favourite songs and I never get emotional but that night I was the super awkward person who just sobbed the entire way through their set. It was amazing.

    (I think I'd be far too intimidated to write to them but I've blogged about them a bit so hopefully one day they find what I've said) :)
    (cont. 2)

    Now I'm figuring out ways to turn my love of music into a career and all because someone once recommended Stars to me and they changed the way I thought about music.

    I've traveled all round Australia for gigs and festivals, and have recently been hired as a freelance writer for a music magazine which means I now get media passes to a few gigs and stuff. I'm looking to start interviewing bands soon which is all going towards building a portfolio which might get me a writing job one day. My interest in indie music also got me involved with the radio society at uni, on which I've presented a weekly radio show for the last two years, and I co-host a show on a community radio station in Sydney's north. I'm looking at maybe seeing if I can one day turn that into a paying job and I've just been taken on as a volunteer for FBi (which is Sydney's largest community radio station). This has been over the course of 4 years, but before all that happened, I always thought I'd end up in a job like accounting where I'd do it for the pay check, but not really love it.
    I find I tend to prefer bands with some indie cred (not the popularist hipster stuff, legit indie stuff), so that would probs help turn me from a piece of paper, into a rotating plastic cooling device. (I'm an English student, metaphors are the bomb diggity)

    (long story short) Stars was the first indie band I ever consciously listened to and they blew me away. I was spellbound by this sound that was so different to ordinary pop stuff played on the radio, or rock classics, that I absolutely HAD to know more. Stars started my obsession with the indie music genre and it's that obsession that got me along to gigs to experience live music which has become a huge part of my life and introduced me to some amazing people including one of my best friends.
    so yes, I'm a polar ice cap for Stars and a pamphlet used to swish at one's face on a hot day for Coldplay
    You're obviously just like air con because you're so cool haha

    I'm not a huge fan of coldplay (they just didn't have that alternate cred after x & y), but Stars quite seriously changed my life - it's a long story
    Coldplay fan? I keep thinking of Stars every time I see your name, but then I remember Bitches in Tokyo isn't quite the same as Lovers in Japan :p
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