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  • Hahaha it was not trouble at all, feel free to ask for help if you need it :). Have you had any assessment blocks yet? I had an eco essay a few days ago, but apart from that, they're all Term 2 Week 2 XD
    Wassup man :). Hopefully I helped you a bit with the integration and other stuff :). I don't have a dp because frankly I haven't found a picture i liked enough yet haha. Hope school is good?
    Lol wait why didn't u email ur principal about wanting to change to Eco lol. That way they could have accommodated and fiddled with the timetables a bit, they might be douches and reject ur request haha. Haha verify- future pilot. I go back on 30th how about u? I can't wait :D, it's been too long.
    Seems like a sensible plan :D. What are your backups in case you don't make it? are you gonna do some other course and try and transfer?
    Follow Rivalry's path then :D. I want to get .95 for usyd combined med. however, realistically speaking that wont happen lol :\, so if I feel I don't have the capability to achieve .95 after this year, I will just do Bsc Advanced, hopefully with the Talented Student Program, and maybe honours...not sure yet if I want to do it, I know that I definitely want to pursue higher levels of science but not to that level lol...writing a research paper seems a liitttle hardcore :p. then I'll go for postgrad med at USYD after completing, to fulfil my lifelong dream of being a doctor. This also has the bonus that it takes the same time as the combined med program, except i have to sit GAMSAT, but whatever lol. Cool, what you planning to major in? I'm hoping to major in like chem and maths
    Haha, it certainly helps if you enjoy it, as you'll be motivated for it and stuff. Sadly, quite a few of the people doing it at my school are only doing it for the scaling benefits and not because they're interested in science.....stop creating competition for rank 1 position biatches -.-.....haha lol. What degrees are you aiming for? And how is Syd Tech, you gonna be the next deswa1?
    I was srs XD. You all pumped and set for school? And did you decide over whether or not to pick up eco?
    soo you ready for change next year. Feeling like a senior already.
    i start my prem year next year too.
    what school do u go 2?
    and do u have any study routines you wanna u use next year.
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