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Recent content by me121

  1. me121

    Folio!! :/

    Might be easier to navigate and find the right links by going to https://sites.google.com/site/andrewharvey42/. Nice to see my stuff posted though! I defiantly made my folio too long so it probably isn't the best example, but I had too much fun working on it to cap it.
  2. me121

    microscopic membrane filters

  3. me121

    microscopic membrane filters

    Here is one from the OPEN materials for this topic produced by Learning Materials Production, OTEN: Microfiltration membranes with a pore size of 0.2 microns. (Photo by Tim Reid)
  4. me121

    "Empty File" during submission

    Most likely this is happening because the file is not being sent. This will happen in some cases if you do not select a file to submit, or if you select a file to be uploaded that your browser cannot access, or for some other reason that your browser doesn't send the file.
  5. me121

    "Empty File" during submission

    How big is the file?
  6. me121

    carbon being able to be stored in wood

    Well you know how trees take in carbon dioxide CO2 and produce oxygen O2, well the carbon has to go somewhere, I suppose it goes into the wood of the tree, more specifically probably the cellulose... Wood - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Cellulose - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  7. me121

    Specifically what Mathematics knowledge is required for Computer Science?

    You mean the stuff that they assume when you begin the program (not the stuff you do in first year)?, see Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) - Entry 2006 Onwards That program requires these Maths courses, Higher Mathematics 1A or Mathematics 1A, Higher Mathematics 1B or Mathematics...
  8. me121

    Uploading Resources

    Which subjects did you upload for? It appears some subjects have a much larger backlog than others (because for a moderator to approve them we need to be familiar with that subject).
  9. me121

    How accurate is SAM

    If the ATAR is the same as the UAI, then it is a rank, so it doesn't matter if the mark looks low, just how it compares to other subjects/other aligned marks>scaled.
  10. me121

    filled in past papers for industrial timber

    yep thats the best thing to do, but also go ask your teacher about the question/ask what they think a good answer would be, etc. also i put together this (see below), it mainly covers graphics, it does cover some of the Q1 stuff (see 2002 hsc), but its mainly from the graphics industry...
  11. me121


    Do you have links to the the details of the specific vulnerabilities?
  12. me121

    uploading resources

    If its just the year that needs changing, then you can post the url here. In general you can always gives us the URL of the resource and tell us what the problem is in the Contact Moderators forum.
  13. me121

    Post your HSC Major Works here!!

    For me, I need to use this link http://www.facebook.com/v/272374500326
  14. me121

    Where do we get past papers from?

    http://www.boredofstudies.org/resources.php also see some of the sticky threads at the top.
  15. me121

    Released Raw Marks

    I can't remember if I posted this in the stickys. Sorry if I had. I made an estimate based on my 07 Maths 2U + Ext1 scripts. Maths -> 102/120=85/100 aligned to 93/100 Maths Ext1 -> 67-71/84 = 39.9-42.3/50 aligned to 47/50 not quite the same as getting the actual mark from the board but i think...