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  • Haha, what happens on Saturday nights? :O
    Didn't want to go OT, haha, so posted it here~

    I've never been to Newtown, except that one English excursion to some theater.
    If you're talking about the band I think you're talking about clockworksoldier, its mayhem and the person who committed suicide shot himself in the head, bandmates took a photo and then made it their album cover
    Oh god... Hahaha. There are some odd people/bands out there... I thought a band with the name 'Kidneythieves' was odd haha.

    I've heard songs from a band in which the lead singer (I swear his stage name was 'Dead', but Google returns no useful results) had an overwhelming obsession with death and the dead, to the point that he carried around a dead crow in a seal-up plastic bag and sniffed the bag's contents before every show... Then committed suicide, 'for the experience'... That's not just creepy - that's just plain fucked up. Lol.

    Metal can get pretty... Uh... Disturbing at times...
    The Doors are awesome. Studied them in High School for music haha.

    I'm assuming its the same as the Wii one? Five buttons, a touch area and the usual whammy etc. Those two songs... Aren't they the hardest in GH history? :p

    Haha, kind of. That's why I only listen to it in certain moods. Have you read any of CC's lyrics? Messed. Up.
    Glenn Miller is from the 40's - the hight of swing. Fun :p.

    Yeah, generic pop has the occasional gem but its claimed so many good bands... Have you heard Garbage's new album? They've started to live up to their name...

    Expert was a while ago, and on DS (so much easier). I'm just starting to move to hard on GH3 (coincidence?) on PS3 and it. Is. A. Bitch. The extra button kills me. That tapping thing is only with certain notes. A lot of songs have notes where you don't need to strum and others, you do.

    Ha. Desensitised? Kinda. How do you mean?

    (More than 12 hours delayed reply - I think we're even haha).
    our street is pretty multicultural but the area as a whole is very concentrated on the white demographic. Not a bad thing though, most of the people are nice and they get along well with us
    lol well my area has been Liberal since the beginning of time (pretty right wing area, white suburbia etc.) so our vote barely makes a difference tbh
    Well, on GH on the DS I got up to expert by drilling songs - which gets you accustomed to the ridiculously fast moving notes... 'Bout all you can do, I guess.

    Like you, I have waaay too varied tastes to settle on one band... I was into Arch Enemy for a while, Chimera... Megadeth... Rise Against... Kidneythieves... Avenged Sevenfold... Chemical Brothers, Combichrist, FGF820, Garbage, Lacuna Coil, Jack off Jill... I really listen to everything from Beethoven and Mozart through to Cannibal Corpse (though CC is reserved for certain moods).

    Ever listened to Glenn Miller? :p
    australian sex party? you do realise they are the greens except with more xxx rated stuff lol? damn communists
    hahahahaha yeah i'm not a fan of current politics either, neither major party really represents my views.
    It's funny cause I play all the instruments I do, but am relatively incompetent on GH... It's never too late to learn an instrument! I only picked the guitar up when I was 16/17 :p.

    Well, it isn't as popular as it once was, that's for sure, but I've met a lot of people into Metal on other forums. Comparatively - this site sucks in that regard.

    Favourite band?
    I gave you the universal metal symbol - the internet's version of Dio's 'Devil horns' - \m/ for playing Guitar Hero - it means that it rocks haha.

    I expected more people to be into metal on this site. So far, I am disappoint. "You shall NEVAH kill the metal!" Haha.
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