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  • Hey, hey, hey - I will get to the texts... eventually.

    And (to make you feel better), at least you didn't want to have a cry in the middle of your stats mid sem like... me. :cry: <-- me during my mid sem if I didn't man up and stop myself from crying

    True story.
    I cannot send you a PM so here is my message:
    I'm glad you like my idea! You are probably the only person so far! :) And thank you for that comment, it really does mean a lot to me :)

    Anyway I am going to work on a section of my English assignment and then I'll go to bed. Bye! :)
    I knew you were just busy! :) I'm glad to hear that you are enjoying your break too and happy 19th birthday! Sorry it is a bit late, I didn't know haha. Life has been great and your strong talk a couple of months ago really had an impact on me actually. It really isn't worth worrying about what everyone thinks, as long as I feel good about myself, that is all that matters right? :p Sometimes I cannot wait to get out of high school though. I'll literally be able to just forget all of those people who have caused so much trouble for me since I probably won't meet them again :)

    School tomorrow but I am excited to get started on my body of work for visual arts! :) I've received a bit of criticism from my peers since it is something quite different but I think it sounds fun :)
    Did you get my PM? It was last week or something so I don't really remember haha. Let me know if you didn't, I just want to catch up! :)

    EDIT: Well it seems like you are busy so just feel free to contact me whenever you can! :)
    (also answer my text, woman!)

    or i'll get you that lovely red dress you looked -so- nice in :p

    Heya! Thanks for the add! ;)
    I ll be studying masters in international business. What are you studying? N how is the uni? :) I got classes starting tomorrow.
    I wasn't banned. I don't know what happened.

    I should really be working, but I'm just playing games constantly.
    Hmmm. My posting rights have been given back.

    Oh, hello there. I'm doing alright.

    I forgot about this place. I just typed a typo on google, and it led me back here. I'm just too busy with study and Minecraft.
    Hey, how have you been? Sorry for the late reply the other day. I tried calling you but your phone was off. Exam period is so shit. Let's hang out when exams are over :) And haha can't wait to see you without them damn train tracks. Don't go killing me for saying that, I know what youre like you boy basher.
    heyyy ! sorry for the latee reply, havent been on here in ages !. ummm i didnt get anything in my email, sorry love. send me ur email, and ill email you from there :)

    Haha, it's okay. :p
    I love the fashion!
    Yeah, I've heard of this Thai place, will visit!

    Hmm, looks likes I'll have to pay more than just one visit. Not complaining~:D
    We share the same thoughts on that then. :p
    eee, sounds like my kinda crowd! I reaaally want to see this alternative scene everyone keeps telling about.

    My folks don't even know who hangs out there, just that it's in the city. :p
    Being a weirdo... I love them! :D

    A friend of mine went to the Gothic cemetery hangout there not too long ago, haha. They had absinthe cupcakes! Absinthe cupcakes!!1
    I really cannot wait to go to Newtown, haha. And finally order/buy my platforms!
    rep comment from you:
    i thought this account was 5eva banned :p


    anyway how have you been? long time no talk
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