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  • Not quite sure what your talking about, but bekhit seemed to think i was someone he knew too.
    turned out he didn't haha ;)
    LOL! haha thanks dude! :) I really hope so!.. been dwelling on this all night :( LOL but thank you, it was nice of you! Goodluck with the rest of your exams also :)
    Lol nahh, im not doing that much !
    Ahhhh can't wait for this to be over =D
    Hehe ur defs gunna kill it ;)
    Hehe I shall I shall :)
    Nawww how cute haha I'm pretty sure both Tony and you would have done really well you kofta hahahahahah I loled when you said that, and yes yes I told Tony to tell you I say hello :3 hahaha dope, well I agree with your mother and I think you look up to Tony as an older brother hahahaha yes he would have had to have done inapporate things at the age of two hahahahahahahahahaha
    and you fag that qudripple bam was not cool I felt sooo bad dip shit hahahahahahah
    Oh and nice dp ;)
    Hahahahahaha mabrook, don't abuse it this time so you don't lose it again lol aiight well call me when you finish your exam tomorrow, that's if your not to busy partying with the ;) lol yalla best of luck :D
    hahahahahaha I've seen it before ya tohfa :p used to be Phil's dp on msn, now get off BOS get some work done and come back on your break :D
    Ahlan :D I will, always am lol and don't worry your going to awesome :D it's your last day to do maths hahahaha so just keep doing those practice papers and if you could just go over the parabola and locus chapter, just read it, I just got a feeling it may be important this year.

    oi zeft don't forget you don't have to look at another maths book after tonight :D
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