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  • Bonjour,

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    A bientot!
    sports med is the best! yeah its really similar so it can get confusing with the dot points, im so glad its over haha! wtf does that consist of haha
    :) all good! haha i reckon! core 1 is the worst. I wish i went over improving performance abit more, but other than pretty good :)
    ohh i see. Haha i didnt go too well I got 17/20 for MC but I lost a few marks on short answers I reckon cos i forgot to talk about a lot of dot points. Im expecting around 90/100
    they seem to go fast like after you really start studying haha. yup, cant wait! oh cool as :) yeah, just doing some short answers seeing if I remember dot and dash points you?
    haha thanks! yeah I prob should've started abit earlier but as you said nothing you can do! I just want to finally say im done lol, and then off to fiji! :D Its hard to stay motivated when your exams are really spread out even if they give you more time in between to study
    :) oh thats not to bad, time to study but still close. Next thursday 10th :l such a long wait lol.. how have you gone so far?
    I think you are ok for a band 4. But it depends on how badly you fail (btw, Im refering to a raw mark fail).
    heyy LOL!! i saw you going on my profile and i jus had to click yours... i think enoilgam is right but yer.. good luck bro all the best and remember stressing does absolutely nofin :) yala tc
    Its a difficult question to answer - it really depends on how badly you do and how well your cohort does. I reakon you're pretty safe for 75+.
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