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    english: 90/94 - 92
    ancient 96/97/ - 97
    modern 96/96/ - 96
    hex 48/49- 48
    art 96/93 - 95 ( i think they hated my major.. oops)

    i think thats about right. i felt i got my shit more together during stuvac when i had time to look at the bigger picture cause my trials where a mess!

    have fun reading my essay haha x
    I did stuff up assessments here and there; I usually maintained a band 6 averages in all my subjects except for English! my trail was like 60 something %... mmm. I usually got band 4/5 sometimes 95%, I had no idea what I was doing until literally before my exam. You can get a band 6 in English, hell I did and I ranked 32 ( I think) out of about 90 students. i suggest seeing a casual tutor,i wish thats what i did to help you work on your own essay ,but make sure you write it yourself. Some assessments here and there i slipped up, like my first english was 9/20, 15/15 and 8/15 (i had NO idea what i was doing), ancient was always hard for me and so was legal studies.
    Hey there

    thanks heaps

    study: I wouldn't say that i didn't "stress out" during my summer vacation. I did stress out all the time, I am a massive massive stresser. there is always SO much work to do and i was easily overwhelmed. in that thread i gave you the advice i think after doing everything is the best, the one which i tried to follow during stuvac and my trials
    say you do 6 hours a day in two hours blocks, you have enough time to process that information and perhaps if you feel up to it some light reading at night.
    then thats enough without burnout (happened to me a lot)!
    What is your perception of “studying a lot”. I would say in the average week of 3-4 hours a night and 6 hours on weekends give or take I would do an average of 30 hours a week, I was rather productive and did get a lot done though…
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