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  • Hey just wondering whether or not you'd be able to share any modern history essays or notes you may have, really struggling at the momemnt in a school that's only just starting up. I'd just love some inspiration with some really good quality material so I could get an indication of what I need to change for me to do well in Modern History!
    Haha, conversely, I spaced on the Law mentoring form! I'm sure I'll see in O-Week/Law camp/lecture! :D
    I'm doing for first semester: Intermediate French, Advanced Beginners Chinese, Microeconomics.
    What are your units for BPess? I think that there were required subjects for Government/IR, Sociology+Anthropology and Political Economy? (That's one of the reasons I decided to start of with Arts, I wanted to do Econ and languages).
    OMG That's nuts!!!!!
    Wasn't he just amaaaazing!!!! He was probably one of the most beloved teachers at Pymble, and trust me, our whole year was collectively heartbroken when he went!!!
    Congrats to you as well! Amazing results, and I'm extra psyched because I was thisclose to doing BPess as well! Depending on how things go, I may transfer from Arts/Law back to BPess/Law.
    Hope to see you sometime!!! (O-Week perhaps?). Are you also doing Arts mentoring? If so I may see you on the 22nd!

    Cheers! Wendy. xx
    heyy :)
    i found out my prelim topic for modern history is WWI and the person we're studying is JFK.
    also, for legal studies our major study is ATSI
    did you do them for yr 11?
    Hahaha, well, I can change later on if I want. Pretty sure it doesn't make a difference in the long run.

    Future employer: Nope, sorry, you're not hired dipshit. I wanted BPESS not some shitty BA crap.
    Haha, I was seriously considering it. I'd rather the flexibility of BA though. Besides which...apparently BPESS is just glorified BA?
    I got to the sign up desk with 4 GOVT units, and the woman looked at me as if I had 3 heads. Then I quickly disguised it with my back up units (ECOP). :p
    Yeah, the top half of the front page of the enrolment form. I was like: "WTF is this shit?"
    Yeah, I thought I saw you too. At the Arts place. But I didn't wanna say hi just in case I was wrong and died from embarassment. Sorry. :p

    Wow....so many similar subjects. I guess I'll be seeing you around. :p I was thinking of maybe switching World Pol for Geopol. And maybe ECOP1003 to ECOP1004. Still got a month to think about it though. :)

    My units are:
    - Australian Politics (GOVT1101)
    - World Politics (GOVT1202)
    - Economics as a Social Science (ECOP1001)
    - International Economy and Finance (ECOP1003)
    - Introduction to Sociology 1 (SCLG1001)
    - Introduction to Sociology 2 (SCLG1002)

    What are yours? :)
    Well, thankfully we're going to Sydney. UNSW kids have already chosen timetables etc.

    That's what I love about USyd - for indecisive kids like me - the timetable organisation at USyd is awesome. And I haven't even started going to Uni yet. :)
    Entire year. Really? Too many things for you to do? For me, it was like...I find nothing interesting. :(
    Um, Sarah, might be a little bit of a problem with that. I've work all day tomorrow. But I've half decided ish.

    Probably Aus Politics, Geopolitics, World Politics, Power in Society, and some of the Sociology units. :)
    Hey, just a few questions:
    - What are your units going to be for the first year?
    - How many units per semester are you guys doing?
    - What's the split have to be between Table A and B?

    Pardon my ignorance. :(
    Thanks Sarah. :)
    I'm Thomas - my FB is here - [link removed] - if you wanna add me or whatever.
    Hahaha yeah. Anyways, I'ma gonna go to bed - try to read that log ass document. Apparently it will help heaps, with regards to majors and junior units (and the choices, thereof).
    Yeah, I hate how these decisions we're making are gonna affect the next 50 odd years of our lives. But then again, I'm excited. :p
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