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  • You sound a great deal smarter than others in your cohort of my acquaintance. =) I wonder if I know you personally...
    Well, lol, I spent a whole evening watching it, but yeah xDAnd heh, it turned out that I did get full marks ^^ But they told me that what I've written of my major work needs to be changed drastically, so lots of work still to be done :D
    Wait, does gold member mean they have a little yellow box next to their many green boxes?
    Because if so, I got neg repped by a gold member too O_O
    Maybe it was the same one O_O

    Ug. My viva was yesterday. Feel like I stuffed it up >_o. I originally had too much to say, but somewhere near the 10min mark they started to look like they were losing in interest in my very loooong ramble about my research so I just stopped talking. And ended up being 2 mins under the max 15 T_T.
    So I got depressed and went home and gave myself a day off xD. Spent the whole evening watching Star Wars movies xDD. I feel better now :D
    What about you? How's school going? Being bombarded with assessments yet? (We are =.=")
    Yes, actually I have >>"
    Why? Did it happen to you?
    My experience was my first and only ever neg rep. I didn't bother asking the reason because I went on the person's page and saw that they appeared to be a generally nasty person who seemed to go around negrepping people just for the heck of it. So I didn't bother getting too fired up or upset about it.
    So if someone has neg repped you, I think that's the only possible reason there could be ^^ You're too nice ^^. So don't worry about it =)
    Sick of it already? But the "fun's" just starting ;]
    I'm actually really liking school so far =] Nerdy and retarded as it sounds, it actually feels good to have something concrete to do like homework. And awesome teachers this year - got moved out of that crap eco teacher's class! You still stuck with the same awful teacher for eco? =/
    Buuuut, my Viva Voce's next Monday so I predicting that the stressing and I-hate-school attitude will start about then >_o
    Lol? xD What about you? Only a few months longer than me and 10 more! You must way cooler xD
    And well, I technically only have 8, x jiim is a friend from school since year 7 (and a pretty good friend as you can probably see from the way we dominate each others' pages ><").
    And one of them is you, who agreed to be one of my bos friends =D ^^
    And I don't think I'm going to go past these few. Actually, I hope I don't because that would mean I had spent too much time on bos when I should have been studying >_o
    First few days of Term 1 going okay? :D
    i procrastinated and have begun to lose confidence so in order to not disappoint myself I've lowered my aim. I'm not saying I can't get 99+ but 80+ would be the minimum satisfaction.
    Hehe yeah. I usually don't skip arcs for any anime series that i watch ^^

    Give it up? Hmmm i guess it depends. I counted it as procratination for me which i did plenty of. But i suppose if you give it up early, it's easier. So yes, give it up :)
    LOL. Me getting 99.95? That's insane :/
    Hehe, i hope i do well in uni too. And yeah, engo timetables are really packed XD
    I <3 high school. It was seriously very enjoyable. Yep, i'll be visiting school quite a lot actually just coz i'm awesome and i get awesome awards :D

    Yeah, you're thrown in the deep end in uni. But take it like a challenge and kick it's arse!
    Making friends will most likely ne awkrawd at first, but after that it is quite easy, or so i've been told XD

    Yeah, around about 1hr. Usyd would take about the same time lol. Wake up early? Only on Wednesday when i start at 9am. Every other day i'd be waking up like it's a normal school day for me :)

    Ahahaha you have school soon. NANANANANANANANANANA. Enjoy :p
    Yep, i <3 Bleach!
    LOL, just skip the fillers and get to the main storyline. It's pretty cool after the Bounto arc which was indeed extremely painful.
    Hehehehe. You might like uni though if you don't have to travel far/have a packed timetable like i do XD

    Yeah, i was quite a mischief maker in school. They couldn't say anything though as i always did well in exams etc and my reasons seemed plausible as i was out of classed on valid, similar reasons ^^

    Yeah, i somehow duxed my school. Never expected to though seeing as there were so many other kids who were much harder workers XD I think they were happy for me but also somewhat (secretly) disappointed as they knew i could've done so much better LOL.
    Yes, quite a lot actually, I enjoyed high school. The friends, the teachers, the awesome class room discussions, science pracs, going out of class based on vague "reasons" or coming to class late because of said reasons XD

    Enjoy it while you can :D
    Awwwww ^^
    You're so sweet ^^
    That made my day, it really did =)
    [ARGH. I HAVE SPREAD REP AROUND. They still won't let me give any to you D=]
    Thank you for the rep ^^
    It means a lot; being nice isn't generally appreciated much in the real world.
    Lol, I owe you two reps nowww, must pay back at soonest possible opportunity xD
    LOL I'd feel the same way too ><
    Do you just stream the anime or do you have it on discs ?

    OH! Yeah, I loathed the whole "Bounto Saga". I'm not up-to-date with the anime (I prefer reading the manga online :p) but from where I left off, it was the "Oh noes, Save Orihime from Hueco Mundo" Saga. It was pretty interesting.

    How have your holidays been buddy?
    We've got less than 2 weeks left! D:
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