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  • yess, that bad D: alright, GOODBYE LAST FAILURE! FROM NOW ON WE SHALL TASTE ONLY SUCCESS! (and any chocolate, caffeine etc required to achieve this).
    ah, decisions, decisions :p haha I still don't get how you can sleep in class.. the tables and chairs are so uncomfortable o__o I usually get about 7hours or so, but dude it's so hard to wake up and get out of bed in winter D: how much do you usually sleep?
    HAHA nice work there (Y) I don't think ruse sends letters.. the OHS does sometimes though, and then my parents spaz and make me work. aah, you're lucky you have nice parents! my parents ground me a lot.. my friends are going for some post-exam retail therapy tomorrow and I can't join them cause I slept in the other day D:
    yeah, I know how you feel there.. I used to even kind of enjoy maths, for some odd reason it was kind of relaxing.. and then exams came and I freaked out. not so cool anymore xP
    mm defs for me, I was about 10marks below my class' mx2 average >__> but let's make it our last failure party of the year, because WE'RE GOING TO ACE TRIALS AND HSC RIGHT?! :D
    cram with me! we can have a failure party, and then go straight home and start studying :p
    hmm, I usually sit on the side, around the middle. except for maths, when I'm in the centre of the room. I don't think it makes much difference for me, I'd probably muck around and talk and eat wherever I was haha x] why don't you spend a couple of weeks moving around the room? you can sus out the best spots and confuse the teacher! :D
    [oh, and thanks.. you have twice as many bars as me! :O]
    haven't talked to you in yonks!
    goodluck for yours, or are they all finished?
    how's everything going?
    surviving hsc all right?
    blaargh. let's have a failure party, I did badly tooo D: haha I wish I could say I'd done well all year.. boo, maths extension 2. I want to burn something :evilfire::evilfire::evilfire:
    yess, I hate it when the average is really high so even a good mark feels crap.
    yay, we can make it super early cram time! bit early to start for moduleC english though.. we haven't even gotten the text yet >__>

    hmm, probably drama, so fun and bludgy. how about you? :p
    lucky you. it's one of those tacky trashy tween shows, and I'm hooked D:
    yayers, good work! (Y) haha, but that would still be a really good mark!
    it will take me from whenever I start til a day or two before the exam. always ==
    last chem exam I finished 10:30 the night before BUT THAT WON'T HAPPEN AGAIN.
    haha yay let's go start writing up study notes now! :D

    [do not want to get mx2 back tomorrow aargh D<]
    it would be dance academy. oh god, how embarrassing :eek: yess, I loved bananas in pajamas! but my allegiance lies with the wiggles, I'm afraid :D
    oh gross. we had to do one on personalities in the fall of the roman republic the other week >__> how long does it have to be?
    what, asif 4U's easier than 3U! and if our paper's going to be hard.. wah I want to drop 4U now. yeah that's true, I always make the dumbest mistakes in easy exams and then everyone else just does really well and goodbye ranks for us D:
    nah, but stressing can be good, because other people go ZOMGSTRESSS and then it makes them study, but I go 'hmm. I have exam. I should study.. nah, I'll just stay on youtube' and speaking of which ULTIMATE LAMENESS I just got hooked on a stupid abc kids show ==
    alright. must finish writing this script aargh :p and YAY for ancient! what's the speech on?
    haha, don't lose sleep over maths. it's so not worth it :p but hope it went well!
    yesss nutcrackere does that too! but I'm just one of those people who doesn't really worry about anything. which is lucky for me, I guess =\

    POST-HSC WILL BE SO AWESOMEE :D :D :D but yeah, I'll miss school as well, and seeing all my awesome friends and teachers and assorted randoms every day instead of having to go out [gosh ==] ..wah. they should move kindergarten to after yr12, I reckon. five year olds don't appreciate it half as much as we would :p

    my exams are over! but I've still got a script +reading to finish for drama >__>
    haha thanks, are yours over yet? goodluck if they haven't, and hope it all went well :]
    in five months it will all be over!
    how awesome :D :D :D :D :D

    but unfortunately it's exams atm. lame D<
    how is 4u ever easy?! 2u is torture enough for me x]
    buuut, apart from 2u maths (which i absolutely died in), i guess everything else went okay. chem was grade average and it's my 2nd weakest so i guess i'm happy ^^. mod & eco i only dropped one mark and full for 3u & 2u english ^^. so i guess this set of exams went relatively well :)
    but gahh. have to start working towards the next ones >___<;"
    (site's been slow and retarded- soz for late message)
    Yea, I reckon I did alright in the half yearlies. 1st in Music 2 and Ext so am really happy about it, albeit narrowly.... above average in 2U maths, fairly good rankings in Eng Ad/Ext 1 and 3rd in IPT (I won't mention Chem)

    How are your ranks/marks?
    that is so not cool D:
    why do people do things like that, saying mean things about people who help them? it's not cool, not cool at all. they should be grateful, not bitching ):
    but you know, they clearly weren't worth the effort anyway!
    took me long enough ;)
    and thanks (=
    i know i should pay no attention, but GAH. can't help getting riled up sometimes >_<"
    i feel like i have to defend the school ^^. and it's not just the school (and myself too i guess), people who say stuff like that are bagging out my friends and NO ONE bags out my friends. yeahh :D
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