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    Choosing subjects for year 12- Bio or Ext 1 English

    Yeah so for Yr 12 my school did a hand-in essay, a hand-in creative and then a Trial exam. I think the hand-ins were marked harsher to account for being able to refine them beforehand. And yeah getting better at creative writing just involves writing a lot of things, drawing inspiration from...
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    Choosing subjects for year 12- Bio or Ext 1 English

    Oh also reading the prescribed texts is essential for Ext1 (at least once, ideally twice if you have the time). It's not like advanced where you can get away with internet summaries and reading little parts of the text etc, bc you need a really good understanding of the overarching concepts in...
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    Choosing subjects for year 12- Bio or Ext 1 English

    I did Ext English for my HSC and I really really enjoyed it and it was my best result (47/50). I had a look at the 2019 exam quickly and it seems that a lot has changed since I did it in 2018. But essentially if you enjoy Advanced English and you enjoy doing your own reading and research on...
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    I miss you guys

    I've been pretty good just sorta coasting thru online uni at the moment lol. Although I kinda wish I was in Sydney rn with all this corona shit goin on in Melbourne 😷. Also nice to see that you're doing law now hehe good luck it can be such a struggle at times
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    I miss you guys

    Everything that supR is saying is straight fax. Yr 12 was actually such a vibe being with all your friends and having that constant academic support from your friends and on here as well. Definitely try to make the most of your time at high school bc you'll defs miss your friends and all the lil...
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    TurnItIn Check before submitting.

    Unless you have plagiarised sentences word for word, then you should be fine. If you have made an effort to not plagiarise, write in your own words, etc, you're all g
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    Should I get a job in year 12?

    Hi, I had a job during my HSC at KFC and it was a really great experience. I was able to make some money and gain experience in fast food and busy work environments (which helped with getting other jobs when I moved away). It also taught me how to better manage my study time. I worked around...
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    Breaking up during HSC exams

    Oh wow this was ages ago (lowkey but highkey cringing at my posts about this hahaha). Overall was pretty messy and was not my favourite time. I defs could've done without all that and would've done way better in my HSC exams and gotten what I needed had it not been for all that drama. But hey I...
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    Is it possible to get 95 or above for the atar.

    ATAR calculator says that HSC marks of 93 in all those subjects will give you a 97.5 ATAR. However, if you're basing the idea that you'll get 93 in your subjects on the fact that you got 93 in your subjects as internal marks, then I would say that this perception is ill-informed. I would be...
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    HSC Standard/Advanced Paper 1 Exam Thoughts

    Yeah NESA invigilators are very well known for being quite thick and a bit dumb lmao. Get used to it for the next few weeks haha 🤢
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    Am I better off dropping down to Standard Maths?

    Keep maths lol, as others have said. It's one of those subjects that you're really likely to get good marks just by doing heaps of past papers and marking them to see mistakes. Only reason you would do Standard Maths or no maths at all is because you're like 110% set on not needing 2unit maths...
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    Achieving an overall English Advanced mark of 90

    I got 90 in Adv English last year. I personally found English very methodical in how they wanted people to write essays and analytical responses. Some general things/tips that helped me the most: - First, reading a lot of high achieving English essays from past HSC students (from the resources...
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    Yes there's a chance. I agree with sida tho, you really gotta work hard. Like, harder than you think. Nonetheless, you may be surprised how much externals change things around, but it takes a lot of work.
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    Should I drop Modern History and take Drama instead?

    If you're just going by scaling, then do Modern History. Scales a lot better than Drama. Tbh neither scale particularly well, and while scaling is important, choose something you will like as it makes studying easier.