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  • don't be ridiculous. of course i have to work. everyone at our school does. it probably just pays off more. anyway, work = boring.
    i think i need an 18th to go to
    lol - i was watching video hits and saw them on there and i immediately thought of you and your little obsession with them.
    been studying a lot?
    ah we lost which sucks. i felt so bad for everyone in the team because they've worked so hard, got so far and then lost. everyone was pretty distraut

    We really need better flashmob ideas, and come to a conclusion. I stick to my dance battle suggestion.
    thats alright - don't worry abt signing off.
    i find that honesty is always the best possibility because you're never left wondering what if. but maybe, as you said its just the wrong time.
    everything in life involves risk otherwise it wouldn't be life.
    chances are, if shes nice enough she'll understand and be cool about it, and although you may not get the desired outcome, at least you'll get things off your chest - which i find always helps.
    however, its completly your choice.
    it will all be fine.
    plus if something goes wrong, you can always appeal.
    my day was better by the sounds of it
    nah don't be sorry its cool.
    i dont really have anything else to do apart from school work which im avoiding.
    so its a welcome distraction.
    i just think i may have run out of things to say..
    sorry. im sure you're not like that.
    the end of the hsc isn't too far away so don't feel to bad. im sure you'll be able to get heaps of hours over christmas when no-one else wants to work.
    you could always babysit. i do that and its pretty good money too plus if your parents want you to focus on your studies you can always study after the kids go to sleep - well thats what i generally do
    true but its going to be worth it when i get into this mad college. it is moving out of home for me :D
    mm moving out of home.. i applied for a job at this local swim school centre but they haven't gotten back to me so i can only assume the worst. sucks though, cos it pays really well, $22.60/hour on sundays..
    you should get a job. i say that knowing how hard it is to get one. or perhaps, find some new rich love of your life
    i love having my p's! except when i have to run errands for the family..
    im currently filling out all these application forms for the uni college i want to stay at. its getting a bit tedious b/cos you have to include all that academic, extra-curricular info, etc etc.
    haha thats cool - dockside sounds good :D
    i know what you mean abt after parties - i tried to organise something but all the places were really strict abt u/18s as well as starting late like 12am-2 they didnt want that..
    i honestly have no idea what ill do, but im sure ill end up at a friend's house somehow - ill be sober getting there cos ill drive and then after that.. who knows.
    you much of a drinker? and do you have your licence?
    haha dont worry about it, ive done it heaps of times before.
    yeah it should be good, even though i won't be eighteen (not till dec)
    whereabouts is yours? any good after parties?
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