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  • lol yeah but that means some people aren't coming because they're going on holidays.
    at least ill be able to let off some steam
    porridge - thats alright.
    woo for rove, gnw and skins (although ive already seen the whole season)
    loved sesaon 3 of skins.. wont say anything more since you probably havent seen it all
    I know ;)
    I don't forget things especially when they are said once. :)
    awww she will be back right?

    I'm okay. Nearing the end of the holidays :(
    Well i 'subtly' hinted at it a long time ago, tho looking back at it, neither of us were in a good place when it came to that stuff, and i guess i'm kinda scared about doing it again or something. Tho it was before he did heaps of awesome things for me :)
    But i really don't want more than mates right now anyway, i don't think i could really do any of that right now, i gotta do all this HSC crap first, but i don't need the 'what ifs...?' distracting me either
    Haven't been to Forester to have any idea bout the local wants/needs, but i can't see why it would be a bad idea, i mean, providing that there is a want for it there then :)
    Know what i'm trying to say?
    First one to both Qs.... I do like the other one too, but just not like THAT. He's awesome but he's my mate, and I'm pretty sure he knows the boundaries by now :p
    First one is so cute and sweet and sexy and did i mention sweet?.... but i just don't know... I never seem to have any luck with guys, i will either want the complete dickhead, or the one that could pick anyone in the room, and neither of them usually want me in return.
    I wish I knew what he wanted... it would make my mind stop going into overload lol

    And how could you not have noticed the holes before? :p
    Oh yeah me too its the most flattering photo of myself i've ever seen haha. Yours is purrrrdy. Love her, lol.
    lol only 20%
    i got a 1000 word english essay on journeys worth 15% due next friday
    why did i do advanced lol
    dont hav withdrawals i can be ur enw bestie for 10 days :D
    can u get on msn?
    how long you on net for?
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