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  • With the whole IQ thing, I just started it a while back and made a mistake by doing so and now I just cant find a way to rectify that mistake so I guess from now on im shutting up about IQ haha. So who are you, katrina ukmar./jen/shelley/gloria/angela/.... ? there are a lot of very pretty girls at HAHS, you arent narrowing things down very much haha
    I will make a better video, that one was slapped together in 10 mins lol, I will add sounds and music etc from the movies of the characters I do and stuff, will make it better. Might make an effect on the camera too so I dont creep people out with my facial expression haah. Idk, what IS wrong with being attention seeker? everyone wants attention dont they? I thought it was biologically rooted in the very core of our minds, to get other humans to notice you. What is 4chan anyway? And yea if lolsmith wants to share it there he can. Though I just watched it again and it does indeed seem bland, I need to make it something funny that people will want to show others. yes, I shall take the effort to make a fully sik vid bruz! :p
    How can the world look at me in a bias way? people from america or something wouldnt know who I am haha, they would at the most think "hah what a shitty video, and the dude looks like shrek"
    and dude, I WANT my video to go viral haha, I would love the world to see my voices cos then I can put up more vids! :D if u know how to make it viral, plz do so. Thanks.
    I know there is a lot of hate but there are some people like townie for example who look at it from a critical analysis point of view and judge based on information present and nothing else. which is all I seek really, people to assess my ability and tell me where to improve. If im shit they can tell me but yea if ppl start saying all kinds of stuff simply cos of the video being from hayabusaboston and hayabusaboston has a reputation, lol, then I dont like that. I dont mind it really cos I know there's always gonna be haters, the main thing is I want people to tell me what is good, what is bad, what could be better. , I only ask for some advice on where to get better haha. And I cant understand how in society when one individual decides to do something special then society immediately yells ATTENTION SEEKER! lol wtf I dont give a shit if im an attention seeker, so what if I am, I enjoy performing comedy, doing voices, juggling balls and sticks etc
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