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  • Hey, how's the holidays?

    Thanks for the advice on LAW115, I am reading the textbooks atm and it seems okay.

    But what are legal footnotes? Is this the place on the bottom of the page where you put your legal referencing and citations/ sources?

    Btw, what subjects are you taking this semester?
    Hey man, how's it going?

    I had take some time off this semester as I had some personal and family issues that were affecting my studies :(.

    But now I am back on track and I am going to start fresh in sem 1 next year! How were your exams and how are you finding law?
    Hey man, I haven't decided 100% yet, as I never planned to study Law. Unsure if it's the right choice to do, cos the Commerce side of the degree is no longer CPA accredited with Accounting. (Which I would have majored in).

    I'd speak to the Student Information Office about unenrolling.

    And at your question, no, unfortunately not :p
    I'm from Hong Kong, what made you think I was korean? :)

    I'm having a hard time coming to decide - if I want to study law, I probably will change. Have to evaluate it carefully!
    Sweet, so you decided to accept the offer?

    I was wondering what the procedure is at USYD, for leaving your current course and heading to MQ? I am quite curious, because I am on this stage atm in filling out the forms to leave UNSW for Mq.

    Are you Korean also o_O?
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