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    any good laptops?

    most likely
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    The Gaming Deals Thread

    cheers btw whats skyrim legendary? I mean, what does 'legendary' include?
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    The Anime Thread

    rly rly rly? :)
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    Favorite tv show?

    anyone watching shameless? :D
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    Favourite Movies.

    i like denzel washingtons movie alot, I realised that recently. yeah he plays pretty much same chars in every movie but still, tense movies, I like it like that :)
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    The Asian Music Thread

    woah, that theme song really is cool
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    Concert Review Thread

    Re: Official Concert Review Thread Ummm...?
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    Funny Random Videos

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    good songs?

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    The Idiot's Guide to cooking (things you can make in five minutes or less)

    you can't cook anything in 5 least not if your idiot
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    What have you eaten today?

    mushroom soup, then some more mushrooms with potato, some salad, peanuts
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    The indecisive clothing thread

    gimme those bucks and walk around naked...ill find better way to spend it, and ull get tan
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    Depression and the HSC - how do you cope?

    and understand the world around you!
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    alcohol much?