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  1. Puzzle

    Advanced science subjects for 2nd year

    Thank you for clarifying! I just asked them if I can do botany. It sucks because I keep missing out on everything by 1 mark. I got 74 for human bio. Hopefully they will be kinda sympathetic. I was thinking of doing adv psych too, but I missed out on that again by 1 mark. So unlucky...
  2. Puzzle

    Advanced science subjects for 2nd year

    Hi, I currently finished my first year of study last year for the bachelor of science (advanced) at Usyd. I didn't do as well as I hoped last year, and mostly got high credits. This year, I need 2 advanced subjects to actually complete my course, and the subjects I want to do need at least a 75...
  3. Puzzle

    | 98.05 | Tutoring: Chem (93) | Maths (93) | FREE FIRST LESSON |

    Re: Tutoring: Chem (91) | Maths (93) | FREE FIRST LESSON Would definitely recommend! enigma has been tutoring my friend and I since the start of this year. I have never met anyone as dedicated as her. She answers all my questions, and would go out of her way to help me with my problems. She...
  4. Puzzle

    2015ers Chit-Chat Thread

    I chose Atwood with Lessing in my assessment task. They both stress the importance of literature in guiding individuals through society and equality. I'm more worried for Brook cause I've got nothing. My mod B essays are around 1100 words
  5. Puzzle

    yay! Today was the last day of school!

    yay! Today was the last day of school!
  6. Puzzle

    Hi there good looking

    Hi there good looking
  7. Puzzle

    Year 11 2014 Chat :)

    We've started ours already. Although nothing much has happened the past 2 days as we are going through our yearly papers, we have been given brief outlines of the courses. I know as a fact that we were no where near finishing our prelims, especially for chem. My class was just into the middle of...
  8. Puzzle

    Chem and Maths tutoring around Bankstown area?

    Hi, Im a year 11 female student, and I've been struggling with Chemistry and Maths right now. i just dont grasp the topic, and make a lot of silly mistakes. Today I got my 3u maths test back, and shockingly, I only managed 50%. I dont want to give up and drop to 2u, and would really love a...
  9. Puzzle

    How many quotes to remeber?

    I only remember quotes from prescribed texts. I had to write 2 essays in a 90 min time frame for my prelim yearlies, and I had to remember 16 each essay (4 for each paragraph), so 36~ quotes all together. However, when i had an exam last year, I only had 1 legit quote in the whole essay. haha...
  10. Puzzle

    Atar estimate please?

    Thank You so much guys! I really appreciate everyones' help :D
  11. Puzzle

    Atar estimate please?

    My school is ranked at around 35 Biology 30/80 Chem 27/93 English adv 19/95 Maths 53/134 Maths ext 60/88 :( Modern 11/38 Studies of religion 10/80 Thank You!