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    1 on 1 HSC Tutoring | 99.80 Dux Of Penrith High 2019 | 99-3U 98-4U 94-Phys 94-Chem|New Syllabus|

    Having been tutored by Nav for 3U and 4U was one of the best decisions I made in my HSC. Nav has a clear and concise way of explaining concepts far exceeding my teachers. For example one of my weakest topics was proofs as I was quite unfamilar with the logic required. In just two lessons I...
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    This will be my last post, BOS is literally the ultimate form of procrastinating. You feel as though you are doing work yet BOS is simply another form of social media. Its been a fun ride.
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    What's a good question book to buy for math extension s?

    no need to buy anything just cambridge+thsc
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    Maths help

    yeah should have been \frac{\sqrt{2}}{2}
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    Maths help

    \cos{x}\cos{y}-\sin{x}\sin{y}=\frac{1}{4}(\sqrt{3}-\sqrt{2})-\frac{1}{4}(\sqrt{3}+\sqrt{2}) \cos(x+y)=-\frac{\sqrt{2}}{2} x+y=\frac{3\pi}{4} Since second quadrant.
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    Mod 6 phyz

    The main reason is that you need to use transformers for a bunch of appliances (e.g. if your phone charger didn't have a transformer built into it, it is going to explode if it gets the 230V coming from the plug point). Transformers only work for AC current and not DC so of course AC is preferred.
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    Israel Palestine conflict

    damn thats a lot of responses
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    Israel Palestine conflict

    You can be atheist and also jewish
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    Israel Palestine conflict

    I thought he was jewish
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    Is the half angle formula ever in the HSC syllabus?

    If you mean t formulae then yes you need to know it
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    Is the half angle formula ever in the HSC syllabus?

    wdym half angle formula?
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    Practice Trial HSC Questions HELP

    I don't think your right for ii. If we have a graph of f(x) and want to sketch |f(x)| all parts of the graph below the y axis is flipped along the x axis. Hence the left branch of the hyperbola now becomes completely positive as shown: from i we found that the poi is (-2,2) hence the region...
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    Raw mark and what band

    There is a complicated process the marks go through and there are many guides here on BOS you can look up, but basically your raw mark gets 'moderated,' to a moderated mark. For example those that are getting a final mark of 90 in 4U didn't really get a 90% raw in 4U and actually got around 70s.
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    How many units and what counts?