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  • ja, i am. i'm even called a youngie in my grade, like i started school like half/ year earlier than most people. i didnt know that so many people continued to post here even though they had already finished HSC, i thought they just left.
    lol its just year 10 mandatory history documentary about goth whitlam.
    im not really a hisotry person... maybe i would be if my school taught it a bit better
    hello! sorry was doing history assignment -_____-

    nooo i dont have it but i think i might soon because it seems to be getting more and more important to have as years go on.
    so soon maybe :p
    nah it doesn't "hurt" at all lol. but yeah I don't take anything for it cos saoo expensive (well imo; an unnecessary expense). There really isn't much you can do about it though? gg.
    lel; typical doctors smh

    I am stalking :p; nah someone in my family takes it and I always see the pink bottle in the kitchen

    I didn't mean it was down lol. terribad english. It is too high and same with magnesium.
    I read the ingredients; basically water, sugar and food colouring lel and 12.7g sugar /70mL gg diabetus

    The doctor said the same thing about my iron and basically everything else; but at least my cholesterol is good :D

    ostelin right? make sure to take it and stay healthy :D
    ummm; not really hinting anything ._. but the zooper dooper fairly floss one is good and now that it is also summer we should be seeing more of them :D

    dat gif
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