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  • Btw, Fizzy said he spoke with some markers and they did accept the solar cells for the photocell question.

    Lucky, cause I got 92 external, which would have dropped to 88/89 otherwise (I'm pretty sure I had a perfect answer).

    And I still got 14/20 mc lol.

    Can you PM me your marks if you don't mind?
    Look carefully. It says "aim". He never actually got the mark. Some guy in a thread here posted the link up in buy/sell lol.
    Don't worry to much about it. Everyone will feel bad about something. The only exams that I am happy with no mistakes are English 1 and 2. So many mistakes in everything else, but oh well.

    If you tried your best, then you should be happy. I'm speculating that I may only get a low band 5 for Physics or maybe even band 4, but I know that I tried my best. Just needed a better class teacher really. I have no control over that.

    I'm really hoping for good marks in Age of Silicon though lol. Maybe that can get me a Band 6.

    And this year, there were two extended responses and 7 marks in core curveballs:
    - the 2 marks for the braking generator
    - the 5 marks for the photocell (Although I have worked with LDRs before and and I know that they are photocells, but HSC markers don't know that).

    So I think the cut-offs will be 2 or 3 marks lower for this years Physics and 4-unit.

    Anyway, good luck with everything, relax and enjoy.

    Speak to you soon:D
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