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  • ok cool happy to hear that, yeh i've improved speed by a lot, but not accuracy xD

    nice mark 62-64/70 i remember to read all of a quesiton b4 doing it lol
    Awww, i lost marks, from probability, inverse functions (epic fail- i drew y=x and f(x) instead of the inverse function LOL), blood alcholo conc. one, i have to get E4 :( or else i have to do 3u again next year
    The lifestyle seems pretty stressful - based on my father. I only want to pursue it because I'm super interested in it haha

    Wow 9 day gap...and tbh I'm only aiming for 95+ ATAR in my hsc due to my subject combination, which in a sense "limits" my full potential, hence why next year I hope to smash my course since I don't think I'll impose a limit on myself any longer :)

    All the best with physics haha :)
    LUCKY! Which one? I have 2.

    My attitude I guess changed only recently - I think it's a beneficial mentality to have when trying to pursue the dream of Medicine hehe
    Overall I think i lost 5-6 marks but I don't mind. As long as I get 95 in 3u I'm happy and even if I didn't, I tried my best so yeah :)

    I'm sure you'll be fine.
    I went pretty well but I got the Newton's method question wrong as well as the values for binomial. NUUUU!

    But meh, I'm pretty happy and I gave it a good effort. Wbu?
    i still have chemistry left after phys fml.
    did u check ur 2u mark off solutions people posted?
    Personally I found 4u MC to be very straight forward. Yeah, perms and combs will be the death of me :(
    Fuarrrrkkk RISH YOU BOSS great to hear bro!

    I'm looking at mid 70s - low 80s for 4u and it was harder in comparison with other years but I'm happy with my performance and hoping for E4.

    I'm sure a 99 raw equates to AT LEAST 97. Damn, ready for 3u and aim? I'm aiming for 97 =) (Hope I can achieve it)
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