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  • Hi. I come from a Selective High School and I am very keen on purchasing ALL of your Economics notes! Can you please fill me in with the details? (e.g. price, payment method etc.) And can you also attach a free sample? Thanks. - Ishayat
    M8. Where were you at LAW CAMP?! Me and this guy were trying to find you !
    Hey! Can you please make some room in your inbox I would like to ask you some questions! I think that's why it's not letting my message go through.
    Haha what's your definition of heaps good? Lol i just came for the film at night so I probably wasn't n campus when you were there :p
    ahhh deswa came across a post of yours. anyways so apparently you were at unsw today. how have you been?
    Lol how much did you buy them for? I'm thinking of buying a copy of them for myself off the yr 12s at my school- the school offers to buy it for us but it costs 40$ -_-, so trying to get a better deal off the yr 12s, they sell way cheaper.
    Wait by topic, do you mean module? Or like, say le chat principle, equilibrium constant and so on, which is like the principle they follow in the success one maths books I think?
    Hi deswa, just wanted to ask your opinion on Dotpoint Physics and Chem. Are they good to use, or should i not bother with them? Thanks =)
    Haha dammit! :p So close. But w/e, still a hectic mark :)
    I'm pretty sure you would have been ranked similarly for physics, beasted it haha
    I bought my chemistry one and i don't mind trading for your response. If possible, also physics?

    I got in to B. Actuarial Studies / Science (Adv Maths) @ UNSW! Congrats on Comm/Law btw!
    fanx bby gurl,

    i can send you a what i have now (it's not much because i just started)

    i mainly grabbed the old one, put all the data into excel and i'm doing it that way so after i die someone can continue on without having to copy all the stuff over again (it was pretty painful)

    and also some of the english marks out of 100 are missing because all the marks are given out of 105 yet the standard marks are out of 100 so i have to like estimate.

    there's just a few problems that i need to fix and then add 2012 data and i'm all sweet

    xo xo
    BoSsip Gurl
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