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  • That's what my memaw said. But do not worry, when Spiral is in Year 12 he will eat more humans to get his energy.
    i used to go to arthur phillip, public school in parramatta. compared to that, this school is wayyyy stricter.
    <300 is ok, but your ranks are mind blowing, even if school rank is like 400. should be proud of yourself lol.
    ye, i changed it soon after.
    and nooo i go to all saints casula.. fuuu is parra high ~200 as well?? i pay some good money to go to a catholic school !!
    what's your school rank? never heard of that school tbh.
    oh ye ye i did put it as a female at the start lol. sorry to confuse u. i am a guy (Y)
    and u really think those ranks are good enough? esp. bio and physics?? my school rank is ~200.
    if you say they are, it would make my day lol
    lool guy

    and wow if those ranks dont get u into medicine... i have 0% chance.

    bio: im 12/13th or something like that.
    chem: 3rd
    physics: 6th
    math2U: 4
    math ext. 1: 2
    ESL: 1

    now im devo :( need to push myself really hard for the hsc now.

    and what did you think, was i a guy or a girl? :L
    wow 99! feel like an idiot now when i asked you if you needed help for physics :L
    lol ask my friends, i get called an import a lot, my english isn't that good. but ye i used to do advance in yr 11 and got 88 in SC. proudest moment of my life lol
    how are your ranks in your school? must be pretty high, oh and what school?
    ahaha ESL :L... aiming for high band 6. preferably a good rank in the whole state. wbu? 90 for ur chem trial, if you're more confident in some other subject than that, then WOW !!l lol
    have faith, you'll do fine :)
    the umat score needed relies on the atar you get for unsw yeh? maybe your atar can balance your umat out and vice versa.
    as for me, IF i ace the hsc, i reckon the max i can get is 94-95. i HAVE to get 93.55+ for UWS. im gonna work hard to get that.
    really, one day beofre? thought you said they finished 6 weeks before mine
    idk what atar i will get, just want it to be enough for medicine.. wbu though?
    knowing me, i reckon the only chance i have is either UWS or UNE.
    and about the results.. they should be out in 2 weeks yeh?
    i expected it to be really really hard but it only turned out to be really hard. didn't go to any classes or anything, but ye think i went average.
    sad to hear about yours, you seem like a very hard working person and must've put a lot of effort into it :/
    umat was a week before my trials, so just like chem, it was all last minute. just gonna hope for the best i guess...
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