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  • i cannot graduate without work experience.
    gotta seek that internship in my final years of my bachelor's degree.
    from experience, not phony talk like many people on bos who havent actually done the subjects.

    1st year: common core subjects like maths (at ext1. and ext2. level or above), physics (lol it is 95% maths compared to stupid hsc physics), computing, some design subject (go make a toy bridge, toy fan-powered car depending on your major), pretty much same subjects with many engineers regardless whether they are doing civil, electrical...

    2nd year: some stability and structural stuff, design a machine (that subject was a PHONY, because we didnt make the actual shrub crusher), statistics, numerical methods (see Trapezoidal & Simpson's Rule), electrical circuits, thermal-fluid sciences.

    you were right to ask me because some people just dont know what the hell they are talking about or they have no idea at all actually.
    i think it is important to know the human anatomy too.
    just in case i need a part to strike when some bored individual decides to look for trouble and i just have my bear i mean bare hands.

    also, i dont like relying on wikipedia too much, i remember when kanye west was on the wikipedia page of taylor swift and the george w bush wikipedia article was simply replaced with adolf hitler
    yeah i would count actuarial studies or other financial risk subjects under commerce, along with its kin of finance and economics lol.
    any major in science you are interested in?
    in science and engineering the only piece of literature you need to compose is a report.
    and glad you pick science, instead of those masses who just pick commerce, commerce, commerce...
    yea i change my sig sometimes, my current one is today's explosm comic, quite funny so i thought i'd sig it :)
    hey just wondering r u a fan of korean drama? cuz im thinking about starting a BOS group..... would u join?
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