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  • Hey man,
    nope I'm reading for advanced in term 3 :p
    For ext 1 we're analysing High Noon as a revenge tragedy genre and it's pretty good
    Aw thanks!
    Yeah, I'd love to get a good score, city selective kids are so lucky! I go to a regional comprehensive and feel we get underestimated.
    Let's go for awesome marks together :)
    Re: Dux of your school
    Fact: Parramatta high school: 129 students sat for their HSC in 2011,no one had achieved all arounders ,below is the list of students that recieved band 6
    Andrianto, Herlin Indonesian Background Speakers
    Chong, Serena Wai Ling Indonesian Continuers
    Esmaeili Matanagh, Sanam English Extension 2
    Jegatheeswaran, Vithuran Tamil Continuers
    Kattan, Joseph Jacob Mathematics
    Le, Wendy Mathematics
    Lee, Minki Indonesian Beginners
    Li, Meijun Chinese Background Speakers
    Magno, Febe Grace Ancient Histor , Legal Studies
    Vejeyakulasingam, Bharathkulasingham Tamil Continuers
    Wen, Zixun Mathematics Extension 1
    Xie, Xia General Mathematics
    Yosufi, Rabia Business Studies, Mathematics, Personal Development, Health and Physical Education
    as you can see Yosufi, Rabia is achieved 3 band 6 therefore he/she is more than likely be the Dux of your school and with that I still do not think that he/she could get 99.85 ATAR
    Unfortunately I didn't get a band 6 in English SC, for some reason it was really hard to achieve one this year. I'm not sure about my mark, because didn't get our SC back. Hopefully I get a high band 5 in English, even though I didn't study. However, I did get 1st in Math with like a 97-98/100 apparently. For the other subjects, I'm not sure about what I got but I hope I got band 6s in Science and Computing Skills, and Band 5s in History/Geography!

    I haven't thought about this yet but considering that I'm taking 13 units next year, I could drop Ext 1 English if it's too much of a workload... But I'll be glad to ask you any advice for the subject! And do you think Modern and Ancient History are so different? If so, please lend me some advice for Modern History if that's the case!

    Thank you! :)
    Hey! Welcome to my page.
    Feel free to comment, ask questions or just simply chat:)

    PS: I will start to tutor HSC students from 2013 onwards (Ancient history, Advanced and Extension 1,2 English, Biology, Chemistry)
    If anyone is interested, please leave a message by the end of December 2012, and I will try my best to reply.
    Hahahaha you know me quite well!
    It's Rahul Sen from the Bengali Association... Our parents know each other, and we're family friends, remember?
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