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  • hahaha, i'm hiding behind my massive pile of homework =P

    today i hung out near the shortland courtyard today with a bunch of other biomed kiddies, and was doing some work in the library later in the afternoon.

    funnily enough, i've seen you a couple of times walk past in the distance... a bit too far to fun screaming hello tho =P

    i'll keep an eye out for you in our 1403 lecture tomorrow... my mobile is 0402 333 931, hit me up a msg and i'll come find you! =)
    oh, btw... check out the UNCLE section of the forums, there's a new thread - we're having a BOS meet up! you should come along and say hi =)
    haha, i'm sure you will... yay, tutes this week!

    yeah, hope to see you round sometime =)

    what directed course did you choose?

    yeah, so far so good - everyday i meet completely different people, I'm looking forward getting to know everyone a little better =)

    but it's been really fun, and i think there are some really great people in biomed =D
    plus, the content hasn't been too bad either hey?

    what about you? did you enjoy your first week?
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