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  • oh ok whatever... im just havin the day off anyway :p

    no dw. i come from cessnock, and theres some real retards there.

    compared to my other best female friend, youve got a very good sense of humour.
    there was a person called emma who posted a question on the HUBS1403 discussion board asking whether we get friday off cos of the show - to which Karen Mate bluntly replied no. plz tell me that wasnt u..... :|
    yeah.... i have noticed that she says 'umm' a mighty lot.

    shes a bad lecturer, but its good that she has good slides. (is it just me or is she explaining things with too much depth?)

    sorry i didnt see u in the lab till the last minute, u were over the other side...
    oh yeah..

    im never goin to do research (and u prolly wont either), and thats why i find all that stuff that paul goes on with really boring and irrelevent.

    hate 1405.

    Funnily enough, HUBS1403 is by far my favourite course.
    do you regret buying that stupid text for HUBS1405? i do. its pointless.

    i also regret buying my text for psych.... im keen to dish it off to a first year kid next year.

    Do you also get the feeling that HUBS1405 was designed with 'rash'?
    Law is so not humanities lol So different from legal studies, but if i do combined law at Usyd I can do bachelor of arts in things like cell microbiology lol
    hey! hows bio med? Its still up there for my options for next year though combined law has become increasingly interesting lol
    lol thats cool...i haven't really met anyone new :( mainly because i have friends from school in my classes...but hopefully i'll get to mingle in tutes/labs :)

    yeah first week was alright, the content is a bit boring though because i did bio and chem in year 11/12 so its not really new to me haha :)

    hope to see you around sometime :)
    hey...i haven't had the chance to meet you at uni yet! how are you finding it so far?
    chem lab: Mon 1 - 4

    biomed tute: tues 2 - 3

    prof skills lab (2,8 - 12): friday 2 - 5

    prof skills lab (3 - 7) : thursday 9 - 12

    i think weve got one match.
    dw. we all have those moments.

    i will read the friday lecture notes, but im not goin.

    yeah jacob seemed quiet, but maybe he will come outa his shell with me with time.

    What chem lab are u in, what prof skills labs and what tutes?
    ahh ok.

    jacobs really quiet around me. sat next to him in the 12pm lecture. but then again, he would prolly say the same bout me.

    im really quiet and shy around people i dont know well, so its best for people to do a lot of the talking to me, rather than the other way round.

    jeremys ok too. hung round with him for ages 2day too.

    im wagging friday, cos i read that its about atoms and atomic bonding.

    If i were u, i would skip the lecture too and have the day off.
    yep that was me, skinny prick with glasses :(

    im really glad that u were the second emma that i met. The first one was different to say the least.

    i met jacob and all that last week.

    who wre the others bos'ers u met?
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