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  • LOL sorry for not replying, i'm so lazy. yay we can help each other, you'll probably be helping me because yvonne says you're really really smart! don't worry we can take the bigass workload! i'm just going to chill all i can in the hols and then go serious when nearly back to school :)
    HAHA yeah making food is fun, i'm playing to make macarons soon but i'm soooooo scared omg i've delayed it for a term already..
    nah i'm not, did it pass yet LOL
    oh sorry I forgot to mention that i'm doing all three as well! but I think we just have to actually manage our time properly to stay on track with studies. It is possible and i'm pretty sure they are all somehow related to each other. Yeah doing prelim sciences are, but not all of them. Some people gasp or choke or something when they hear all phys+chem+bio LOL.

    but wouldn't you have to feed yourself and all? When you go home, don't you want food already there for you? :)
    why do you want to be a rural meddie? does that mean you'd have to live in a rural area as well? LOL thankyou, I need a good textbook HAHA. It's a decent price, pretty normal for tutors. I'm also doing bio and chem next year, so big workload! I think i can manage though.. wth that's nearly one poem a day LOL. tell them you have a life :)
    that's weird, what are you guys studying instead then? I just moved onto speeches. We're studying physics because we feel like wasting 25 bucks a lesson and taking in some wonderful facts about science and all of that bull. we're doing physics for year 11, so we're preparing early I guess? :)
    I did very minimal study in the hols, but did quite a bit of homework.. LOL sadlyf
    yeah i'm aspiring to be a meddie, well everyone's encouraging me to, and I don't see what's bad about it..yet. But if someone asked me what I wanted to be, i wouldn't know. what are you aspiring to be?
    because I was just sitting there mindlessly playing games...there really was nothing else to do but study/write notes, and how can I even think of that :(. It was about journeys, isn't everyone focusing on that now? My exams are in about 2 weeks, and I just did my physics exam with yvonnee.. didn't do too good :/

    btw I KNOW YOUR NAME muahah :D
    actually my holidays weren't a blur, i wished for them to go faster! but now i'm dreading the exams :l I just did my english exam yesterday and I felt like i did aokay :). when are your exams?
    Mmm, I'm good :D holidays are starting but it's more of a catch-up-on-school 2 weeks than anything else -_- What about you?
    Hey, so I'm guessing from the comments below you are adding 2014'ers? :D
    Well then, hello!
    ooooh interesting! I go Hurlstone Ag High school. do you know this chick named Yvonne Truong? :D tell her I said hi, unless you don't like her or something LOL
    Goodluck!! :D Yeah I heard they were playing Viva la Vida! I'd rather not say :p one in the city though
    Wassup :D Not bad, doing assignments and all that, wbu? I hardly go on bos anymore :L I see you like Coldplay - they're the best! i'm trying to get tickets for their concert this year bu they're so pricey :(
    It's alright. I feel Latin is just one of those supplementary things I would do as a hobby rather then a HSC subject. Do you enjoy doing sciences or do you feel like the humanity type person who enjoys writing essays? For my subjects, I've chosen: 3U maths and English, physics, chemistry and economics. Hey, if you get this message, find the group 'HSC 2014' on BOS and join it. We're collecting more and more people for this group.
    Sorry for that incredibly slow response, I've been a tad busy and I forgot to answer you. That's pretty cool how we're both in the Sydney area. Yes, form IV is just the traditional way for simply saying year 10, although that's simply something our school uses. Mhm, Latin is an interesting subject which no doubt assists you quite substantially in vocabulary and being verbose in English, although of course, I don't feel it's my strongest subject to my others so I'm unfortunately not choosing it next year. What subjects have you chosen for next year (if decided)?
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