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    Syllabus Dot points: do you write them up?

    there are dot-point books you can buy for most major subjects.. i found them very helpful.. they make it much less boring than slogging through the boring old syllabus.
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    Did anyone watch Summer Heights High?

    Re: Did anyone watched Summer Heights High? yes yes!! great show... reminded me so much of my feral school haha.
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    Which Engineering!!!!

    i cant seem to decide which engineering degree to do... im interested in civil, electrical, mechatronics, mechanical and mining.. some people say elec and mechatronics contain a lot of difficult maths.. and i struggled a bit with 3u maths (only got 24/50) and got my assesment mark for 2u maths...
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    ah, yeah, 24/50 sorry guys... i got 89/100 for 2u... but it was based on my assesment because we had a kinda big disruption during our exam. argh im sooo stressed out! i dont know whether to do mechatronics, civil, electrical or telecommunications gahhhh!
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    ive got into B Engineering at Newcaslte Uni... just wondering about the difficulty of the courses.. i struggled a bit with 3u maths.. (only got 24/25 haha) and was just wondering if doing engineering will kill me. i think i want to do mechatronics or possibly civil if that makes any difference...
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    sucess one out of date???

    oh ok, thanks heaps!
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    sucess one out of date???

    hey, i have a physics sucess one book with papers from 2001-2003... i am wondering if it is too out of date to bother with or if it will still be relelvant enough
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    General Thoughts: English Standard Paper 2

    the first paper was wayyy easier than that one. grr! or maybe it was my stupid texts. didi anyone think it was easy with the truman show for the first text, wilfred owen for thae second and raw for the third? the raw question was the worst by far!
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    General Thoughts: English Standard Paper 2

    ARGHHHH! I THOUGHT THAT WAS SOOO DAM HARD!! the questions were sooo weird... and i forgot to read the wilfred owen summary notes that took me about 10 million years to write.. im so pissed off lol. sooo, anyone else do shit... i hope so :). woo! now we can wipe our bums with all our english...
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    trig function questions

    thanks everyone
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    trig function questions

    thanks... im not sure if i understand how you did the first one... im fairly dumb...
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    trig function questions

    1) Simplify in terms of the indicated angle: 1-2sin^2 3A; in terms of 6A 2) Simplify: cosA(cos4A+2sin^2 2A) 3) Prove: (cos@+sin@)/(cos@-sin@) = sec2@+tan2@ 4) Write down expressions for tan3@ and cos3@ in terms of the angle @. (argh what kind of question i sthis??? :S) 5) Evaluate the...
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    civil/electrical engineering?

    someone told me the first year or engineering is like 4u maths... is that true or?... what kind of studies does the engineering course include... i am thinking of doing civil or electrical (power)... not sure if i will like it though but cant think of anything i would rather do... any insight...
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    how many related texts do we need?

    yep, thanks heaps :)
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    Lost My Prac Book!!!

    woah... we got a big question on a prac in our trials though... so i think we need to know them pretty well... but thanks, that is comforting :p