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  • sorry, i'm not Riley Finn, so i don't know enough people at your school to work it out. i'm a student at St Francis Xavier's College but i'm only catholic when it comes to my enrollment forms and my mum working in the library.

    and sorry for the slow response: i was camping in New Zealand for two weeks and just finished unpacking
    lol okay seriously i have no clue what you're talking about ...has my attitude offended you in any sort of way? What kisses? Bleedin obvious?
    if you like english now then you'll probably like english next year, so you should definately go with advanced and extension english. neither is harder than general, advanced is just more analytical. and if you do extension you have the option of ext. 2 in year 12. if i was going to call either level "dull" it would be general because i like the texts we studied much better (Shakespeare as compared to a shakespeare-based modern play)
    I did some research and I found out that I can study English (Extension) via distance education through www.hsconline.nsw.edu.au

    I've filled out the forms, all I need now is the Assistant Principal and Principal to agree, sign the forms and I'll be set! :)
    That is great. but if you're aiming for a good UAI, i advise you against Senior Science. It has pathetic scaling and it's capped at 90 (If i remember correctly)
    I've decided I'm going to give Advanced English a go. I'm actually starting to enjoy Tess of the D'Urbervilles, much to my surprise. I'll drop to Standard English at the beginning of Year 12 (term 4, 2010) if Advanced English is too dull. I've also decided to give Biology a go. Once again, if I don't like it I can always drop down to the lower-level Senior Science HSC course in Year 12. :)
    Good luck with it. Standard English can be pretty boring at times and you might be stuck with good for nothing noobs that copy your work.
    I chose English Standard because English Extension clashed with Hospitality. English Advanced never really interested me, I was just willing to get the privilege of studying English Extension. Also, the texts studied in English Standard are more appealing to me than those studied in Advanced. :)
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