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  • Hey! I think i talked to you a couple of times here in the beginning of this year about EE2??? hows it going?! we dont have much time left!!!
    its okay. i just thought it was a bit silly uploading them on BOS for all to see, thats all.
    I just remember your account lol
    I see you converted from maths to english :p:p
    Hi MissGiggles,
    Thanks for the advice.. I'll try a few of them.
    Maybe if I stop stressing so much something will come to me!!
    Good luck for your ext 2 MW!!!
    Hey again...I keep forgetting I have an account on here. It might be easier if I just gave you my e-mail?
    Oh ick, 7:45...it doesn't sound right being at school quite that early. But, I do actually turn up that early a lot too.
    Haha, extension maths? How do you do extension 2 english??? Crazy =)
    It doesn't really feel like we are in year 12...does it...but I have my first assessment next Monday
    Sorry it took me (almost a month :shy:)...I wasn't expecting anyone to leave me a message...
    How are you?
    cool. that means that you won't be burnt out for the next term. yeah, I sort of studied for the two weeks. I finished two topics of Economics and learnt the 2u+3u maths topics (save Applications of calculus to the Physical World)

    I've burnt out, lol. I'm not looking forward to Year 12..
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