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  • haha thanks

    so which of the following would hold true then?
    (A) the Holocaust is acceptable and it's only our prejudices that tell us otherwise, (B) moral values are not relative and some things are unacceptable, or
    (C) the Holocaust is neither acceptable or unacceptable; it simply is.
    hey scorch sir!
    i has a serious question to ask. if morals are relative, would that mean that what happened during the holocaust is acceptable?
    Scorch this may interest you.
    You are probably aware of the trial the state government will be starting soon of secular ethics and philosophy classes for primary schools as an alternative to scripture classes.

    The following is a message from the President of the Australian Freethought University Alliance, Jason Ball.

    "The Christian rent-a-crowd have been busy inundating NSW MLC Penny Sharpe's inbox, pleading with the government to kill the St James Centre NSW ethics classes so they won't compete with scripture classes.

    We need to let Penny know that there is widespread support for the ethics classes in NSW. It would be great if you could all alert your members of this, and encourage them to send a message of support today."

    Im sure you will have something to say Scorch, so you can share your thoughts on the matter with penny here via email. Contact | Penny Sharpe MLC

    Feel free to pass this on to anyone else that is interested.
    2 things, please address my post in the christian website thread
    2. are you ex-religious, an historian or what?
    Yeah brilliant. You should submit them to the SMH or something like that and see if it gets published. How come your not doing a science degree or something like that at uni?
    LOL, yeah can't help targetting anyone who uses Occam's Razor, it's just irresistable although eprhaps in this non-philosophical thread it was in some minor sense, justified.
    Sorry. I have like three people on me.

    So, it takes time to respond to people. :p:p
    Hey, sorry if I offend you in those threads.

    I'm just expressing my views, I don't mean anything personal, kk.

    I don't doubt anything.

    Hence not even fairies, because I have no proof that they do exist and I have no proof that they do not exist.

    But that's just how I am and how my mind functions. You are obviously a completely different person who is welcome to think whatever he likes. =)

    What nationality are you?

    Just curios. =)
    No worries.

    You shouldn't doubt anything= )

    Trust me, one day you are going to change your perspective.

    Anyway, nice talking to you. In fact, it was very INTERESTING to talk to you. =)

    Wow, that's .. itneresting.

    Do you think you would ever in your life change this perception of yours?
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