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  • He always wins in the sense that he is correct. He never wins in the sense that he is accepted to be correct. A subtle difference.

    Yea, by far the #1 obstacle to argumentative success is that dreaded being the hippie. Like you said, always applying some arbitrary ethic to the situation that has no business being there. Could you imagine a world without hippies?

    (Cut to lionel huts imagining the world without lawyers)
    LOL YES, haha, I remember that guy, god damn there are fuckwits in the world. Im cracking up so much right now I totally forgot about that guy. How you deny all physics and chemistry I'll never know.

    And yeah he's is a passionate arguer and always speaks his mind, I dont think i've seen someone get kicked out of the young libs and claw their way back in so many times.
    no no, one day my friend came to one of our young lib meetings and he had his jersey on and we were talking about jerseys in general and I asked what some of the slogans were that others had and in the course of that convo he told me that his best mate had scuba steve
    Cool, Ill have to tell my mate I met you online. He talks very highly of you.

    My name is Danny Haynes
    By any chance do you go to carlo?

    My friend from the young libs go's to carlo and he talks about his friend at our meetings and going off your views and what hes told me about his friend im guessing you might be him. His friend is named steven and has scuba steve on the back of his jumper.

    If you dont go to carlo sorry about this post and forget I spoke
    How do you reconcile the Austrian school of economics with your political beliefs? I don't know what to think anymore.
    haha fair enough, there was this dude a while ago i remember with his jersey as "scuba steve" so yeah :haha:
    Kk, I won't provoke you.

    I'm outta that thread anyway.

    These religion threads are pissing me off anyway...soo cheer upz?
    Originally Posted by scuba_steve2121
    well being called a crazy libertarian atheist with no morals does get tiring :cry:

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