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    and they have the "ATAR TO HSC MARKS" or "HSC MARKS TO ATAR" converters
    temme if you still need more info
    Hi there senator111, bad news though mate, the ATAR for 2010 cut off has rose from 95 to 96 for Laws@ANU. I think were going to ace that unitest for bonus points! =]
    haha hi ! just thought that I'd point out that I'm doing exactly the same subjects as you, except you're doing PDHPE and im doing 2u maths. haha. and the other difference is that I'm doing the HSC in 2010, and you're doing it in 2011. :)
    Probably to most certainly a conservative lol. Though I do lean libertarian on some things but usually not on social issues. So are you actually a member of the Young Liberals? What sort of activities do you do? I was thinking of formally joining the party but I decided to wait till I'm a little older yet.
    I wouldn't mind living in Sydney. At least it has the *illusion* that something is happening unlike Newcastle which is boring as heck lol. So anyway, back to politics :D Are you a moderate or conservative?
    Not really sure. At the moment I'm thinking about BA/Ed at the ever so humble UNCLE (can't be much bothered moving to Sydney). Probably major in history and a minor in economics (haven't read much into the subject options so bear with me). So my minimum is 75+ but I want 85+ :p
    lol oh yes I know what you mean. Are you a 10er or 11er? What are you aiming for in terms of ATAR/future?
    No worries, keep me updated too! And if we have the chance, we can help each other with assignments =)

    Early Merry Christmas!
    Yeah, I chose commerce as an elective in Year 9 and 10, and I really liked doing the topics surrounding business. At the end of year 10, we did an introduction of Economics, and I really enjoyed it. I think i would go okay in both Business and Economics, but however I might drop them in year 12, I'm not sure yet. I might change my mind in 1 year time.

    You too =) Good luck with your studies!
    Hey there, yeah sure lets keep on contact because im not sure myself if i can pulloff that 95ATAR. But thank god for the unitest. Its a test wheres it tests your personality and how you can solve problems or something but all i know its a test you cant study for generally. Also you live around Berowra rights? Thats near Macquarie Uni and to do law there ,its also 95 AND they ALSO do the unitest aswell ! But if i flunk my hsc i'll prob do laws at uws which is 90 but they have easy bonus points so its around 85 for me. So yeah good luck for your studies mate. =]
    It seems like you're not doing any maths and extensions! :D
    hi-5 for that!
    Oh ok thanks. I'm doing it at my school (SSC Blackwattle Bay) which is delivered by Petersham. They do it because our school has enough for a class but I think there is like 5 of us. Oh well it should be good.
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