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  • yeah it is pressing button, although now i m out of wonders to buy at my infra level so i ll be needing jump to 10k infra in the next 2 months, dunno where i am going to get the cash for it.
    i ve eaten close to 40 nukes, my land (one of the biggest land whores) and tech boost my NS heaps. I m one of the most frequent raiders.
    there are more euro's than americans in control these days. There are some prominent australians who have made there mark. Tyga is also australia.

    btw: your nation efficency sucks and you need more causalities and land.
    i m PC govt, and know to do piss people off for the fuck of it. In karma i had 6 wars within 2 hours, fighting likes of krug, bob sanders, mhawk.
    dunno. just crazy hahaha. i have alot of respect for people who can keep on top of that amount of work. i could never do it myself!
    Can I ask, how exactly did you attend the classes for all your units? There are only so many periods in a school day. Did you do tafe or something?
    ok thanks, yeah i think i will get the 75-80 atar from hsc because i didn't prepare for da trials. ive been studying hard. done 80 hours study compared to about 10 for trials. thanks for the estimate bro.
    hey shadowdude could yu estimate my atar?
    English Adv. 18/49 . 74%
    Business Studies 6/35 76%
    Mathematics 22/30 50ish
    Economics 5/8 66%
    PD/H/PE 8/33 63%

    School ranked 170 in 2007, 213 in 2008
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