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  • It was good, I had yum cha on Sunday for my dad's birthday, that and all the chocolate = veryyyy full.

    Ahh you haven't seen me post it before? I'm sure I have...well it's a clothes shop, so that narrows it down a lot for you haha.
    Ellooo :) How was your Easter? Saturday was not busy at all!! (then again, when is it ever...) I had a few Woolworthians talk to me, so jealous of your x2.5 rate.
    But then you'll be able to super stalk me because it's small, so I'll just say Coles lol. But Woolies absolutely pwns Coles there, it seems so much busier.
    I don't live in Sevo...but I work in the centre, so now you can stalk me in return ahhh scary :p.
    how much would it help in slimming down if I go to work for ~9 hrs where i stand around on my feet the whole day, and walk around serving customers and stuff. DX
    Also i get to clear the palette that we get sometimes, which are usually 12kg boxes.

    where do u work? I deal with pallets too, and 12kg boxes, and some heavier.. 15/17/20kg boxes too.
    I like your sub title "A State Of Trance" =D. How's commerce at UNSW? I'm still contemplating on whether I should add it as a preference or not. Provide me with your biases =).
    Hi there. I saw you selling a QMB textbook from a post quite long ago. Is it Statistics for Management & Economics, 8th Ed.? If it is and is still available, I'd buy it from you for $55 as there is another seller willing to sell for $60. You can contact me by my email, zenixx_24@hotmail.com.

    Point taken. I have the same problem (not noticing sarcasm in a post), so that was fairly hypocritical of me. However, I am not an "internet warrior". I practically discovered the internet last year, and now only use it for email, news, and BoS.
    Whatthefuck? Fuck you all over the place. When celebrities die, I don't really give a flying fuck, so shoot me. Just don't neg rep me. Not cool.
    PC S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky Game *BRAND NEW* Stalker - eBay, PC, Games, Video Games. (end time 12-Jun-09 23:44:45 AEST)

    $32 bucks including postage, wanna beat that?
    hey have u got S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky? I think i've seen u post somewhere that u have it.
    Whats it like? How does it compare to the first one? I absolutely loved the first one, i wanna buy Clear Sky once uni exams are finished.
    hahaha, how'd u know thats me? birthday perhaps..

    google omie jay and u come up with my bos account, some QnA for microsoft windows 7, and this unrealtournament forum called community.beyondunreal.com, lol
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