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  • yeh, i get all the negative rep from wankers like you that cannot handle the truth, grow some balls ya tosser. "ooo im going to give you negative rep". you are so pathetic
    hey. Easter was good. nothing like chilllaxing. How about yours?

    Still don't know where u work .. but it is narrowed down a bit.
    U don't work at coles - woolworths people would rarely shop there .. and u would have 2.5 pay. :p
    so so so where do u work *stare*
    Sorry dudes. off topic.
    new to web - just 5 min

    how do you make posts?

    if you can answer this anyway, that'd be great !!!

    In engineering, I have to write this essay about a casing of a kettle we did in class. I know its a polymer, but what type do you think they use for the casing of an appliance. I have to also make refrence to manufacturing procedures - like I know its injection moulded but how do they supposedly make plastic and cut it up? Pls Help !!!

    soryy to intrude so randomly
    lol alrites . that's good i guess >_>
    although, i have left a lot of traces in what department i work at. soo i'm guessing u live in sevo heys?
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