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  • it is me in my avatar, are u pumped to see my big black penis tomorrow
    dudeeeeeeeeeeee i aint no fob. or even azn for that matter :p

    generally speaking USyd > Mac for commerce and eco. it's more a choice between UNSW and USyd. though honestly, if you live in gosford, the travel each day to USyd will be horrendous and i'd probably go for Mac unless you're thinking of moving closer. at the moment im travelling 1.5 hours each way and seeing as most first years get timetables that require them at uni 4/5 days a week... it's a LOT of travelling.
    they're pretty similiar courses really. but with eco you HAVE to major in either economics or econometrics whereas in commerce you can major in anything really. the commerce degree has a lot more freedom in it. sure if you did commerce and wanted to major in economics that's fine, but there are more options out there you can pursue as well. so i'd recommend commerce if you get the choice

    /rant :)

    i went to nsg so not exactly in the area :p
    ahhh cool. i get it. have you looked into the differences between economics and commerce at usyd? (i was considering doing one of these)

    i actually didnt go to tuzza high but i had a lot of friends who did. (im an 08er)
    hey :) just looking at your sig, you do know that the UAI requirement for commerce at USyd and UNSW is higher than 92 dont you? For the courses this year i think USyd was just above 94 and UNSW was around 93.xx

    just thought i'd give you a heads up. btw woo for tuzza high :p
    I write essays & creative writing stories instead of notes though. But If I do make ones, I will make sure I send them to you.
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