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  • oh soz, double post! my bad :( how is the umat study coming along? wow, isnt it in the second week of school or something? studying for anything apart from that at the moment?
    tc, peace out
    heyyy lol its k...i kno eh? bos is like extremely slow...apparently its coz theyre upgrading or something
    lol had fun at the maths thing today??? did u guys go through all of the booklets or most of them?
    heyyy lol its k...i kno eh? bos is like extremely slow...apparently its coz theyre upgrading or something
    lol had fun at the maths thing today??? did u guys go through all of the booklets or most of them?
    hey sorry for the late reply...good to hear that ur excursion was fun. what did u do?
    oh and ask ur parents man, plz come, itll b fun lol guitar hero and mosnter truck and pro street....awesome
    dude, if u want u can fix the proposal today or we can fix it at school tomorrow, i dont mind (but pls pls pls dont take out a lot from mine)
    tc, peace out
    hellloo :) tomorrow at recess come with to ms pacey. i gta give her a proposal for the canteen (its like a proposal) and to discuss the multicultural day. it would be awesome if you, rocky and changyu can be there as well (oh, and i dont take no for an answer :)
    anyhooz, hav fun studying :) cya
    :) OMG THANK YOU!!!!!! :) it was something and i thank you for it :)
    aww thanks...i wanted to add this thing in my presentation but its like 5 mins long so i gta change it from an flv to a wmv, put it in movie make and chop it up until i only get the parts that i really want :( i dont want to do that coz its all gud, but anyway :)
    heyyy :) really want to thank you for getting the james cook multicultural day thing and passing it onto the committe :) and also wanna say good luck for this friday with bio ;) tc, peace out
    oh and i went studying that sheet that she gave us and i was like studying stuff like 48 hours, in tertian forms, p vivax, p falciparu and p ovale and every 72 hours in quartan forms, p. malariae lol
    agreed, they could have made it harder, rkn they just do the same assessment as last yr or the yr b4?
    heyyyy oh yeah the microflora dot point..crap! thanks for the reminder (saw u viewing the thread)
    well as long as you know what u hav to improve in thats all that matters
    yeh, my subjects went k :)cant believe i came first in maths since that is usually my weak point, guess tutoring really helps
    came first in three subjects but i mean i could still do better, i was disappointed that none of my marks were in the 90s, they were close, but unfortunately, not quite :) but its ok, it just means that i hav to try harder :) thx for asking :)
    ola! how was the bio assessment task? i found it good
    hopefully 90s, i really gota pick my marks up...how are ur other assessment tasks going?
    ye, i also enjoyed the fact that they were actual humans..so i was like awesome, how many dead people are we seeing right now>??? :) im gross :) i enjoyed the brain anneurism and haemmorhage ones :) and i liked the gross looking ones :) mmm opened up my appetite. lol yea, random but im talking bout how u were like omg a female bus driver...sure, it was sexist, yet funny :)
    lol na, mayb i was harsh or something :(
    well mayb u didnt but at least u were int he committee to help and u made heaps of good points and stuff, so in my opinion, thats an awesome effort :)
    excursion was cool today :) but i kinda got tired later on :( lol wbu? looked like u had fun lol, u hav a great sense of humour :)
    heyyy....hows school going for you these days? congratz, i heard u did really well in ur half yearlys :D thats great!
    well this post is kinda like a peace post. im over the post of yours that i was angry about...maybe i misinterpreted the post, i guess thats the problem when ur not talking to someone face to face :) just wanted to thank you for the hard work that you are putting into the formal thing, though it got a bit out of hand today, i might add. and its also just to tell you that im sorry if i hurt u in any way previously this year. kay then cya :)
    i remember that you told me that you trusted me, and now it seems as though we have forgotten the past us, the kind people to one another who we really were. in some way and somehow, i long to be able to have that same friendship, but it seems as though that dream of mine is becoming nothing but a blur. u know, ive been thinking about our friendship and our closeness and honesty to one another and i dont think that anyone could replace you as my best friend. i think its only right to say that we both started this feud, im not sure how, but now that i look at what has happened, it seems stupid that something so childish as that could ruin the strong bonding and friendship that we have had for the past four years
    hey, sorry for the really late reply. ive been thinking about that last post of yours for a while now. somehow i feel like what seemed like a good piece of advice from you to me, seemed quite harsh when i read it. its funny, how you and i go from having arguements to being friends quite frequently these days and honestly, for the past week, ive been thinking about our friendship before all of this...back in yr 9 we were best friends, actually weve been best friends for like the past 3 or 4 years or so. you were always there for me when daniel and i would have an argument, you were always there for me when i was upset, more than anyone ever was and in the same way, i was there for u when you were feeling second all the time. to be continued....
    dude, i'm sick and tired of this continuous feud between us. Honestly, this constant abuse to one another and the childish ignoring is getting way out of hand. I dont really care if u dont wanna go bac to being friends but u know, pplz who arent friends still say hi and bye and have the occasional convo, so on that note, I would at least want to say Hi and Bye and be able to say "Good Luck" to you before an exam. However, despite everything that I have mentioned above, there is one thing that I need to say, in some previous visitors message on my page, you said something that i cannot come to forgive you for, even i dont lower myself as to every say that to you. Anyway, I just sent this in order to stop this childish feud between yourself and I.
    Kay then, all the best of luck with exams :) cya
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