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  • no, actually, i didnt mind u talking to other girls but i did mind it when u accepted the fact that they were firting with u...u know guys used to talk to me, but i never let them touch me..i cared coz i liked u..but apparently, i wasted a whole year of my life trying to see if that person felt the same way...shame on me
    but now i realise that no guy is worth it
    screw them all, my hsc is more important
    good luck with exams
    dude, srsly.....
    lol, u think im after u??? i have said before and i will say it again now, no guy is worthwhile in the hsc year
    and i am focussing on the hsc..btw, its none of your business what i focus on. i think i know what is best for me. i dont need some 17 year old guy to tell me what i should and shouldnt do, so if you dont mind, i would appreciate it if u just leave it be and butt out
    yeah i dont have facebook, because i think its stupid and pointless
    and u know what? sure people start up rumors, but sad that you go along with them it for the nuns...for some reason you underestimate my not some naiive girl, some best friend you turned out to be
    i know why you dont talk to me, zahra told u lied to me about the reason why you dont talk to me
    all i said was hey sam took an early leave and i think she may have taken one as well
    i know u have a free
    and it wasnt asbin who texted me last night and it wasnt you either
    he told me who it was...shame that you have to lie to me about who it was tho
    over analytical? thats hardly the case, i assure you.
    Let's put it into my concept shall we?
    so last year me and you were more than friends
    then when school starts you dont talk to me, there is some rumour about you and jomarie that everyone is talking about....and judging by the fact that:
    1) i dont have facebook; and
    2) you both went along with it
    how can i not think its true
    u dont understand that such a joke hurt me deeply and affected me...i wanted to change classes coz of it all...the people constantly asking me if i envied the situation between you and her
    she took my seat in bio...i used to sit with u and keldin, but u over analytical and i should be ok with it
    sorry for misunderstanding the situation
    i may have hit u too hard
    do not get me wrong
    i want to be your friend (a lot) and i really value your friendship thats why i give a shit when all of a sudden our friendship isnt how it used to be. i just wish u could talk to me/treat me the way u used to in the past years
    sorry to be rude, but all of a sudden u care about what i say only coz its about u and jo
    last year, i enjoyed talking to i try to avoid it
    and if u wanna know why, then im sure u can ask me, but judging by the fact that u belittle our friendship, im not sure u wanna know the reason
    yesterday i tried talking to u and finally! I got my best friend bac for about an hour or so...until lunch started
    sorry if i hurt ur feelings in any way, but this rocky friendship is making it harder for me than what my life already is these days
    umm should b concentrating on school stuff
    and funny how you should be interested in anything that i say, judging by the wayyou alienate me these days
    well if u must know, i said "hey kirsten" and then in a mucking around way i said " Your bf took an early leave possibly jo took one too"...OMG BY TELLING U WHAT I TOLD KIRSTEN, YOU ARE NOW OFFICIALLY 10% smarter
    honestly, uve never cared about what i say but suddenly when its something about u and jo, u want to know
    shows u how much uve changed towards me....
    UMMM hello....thanks for being your "usual" self today :) it made the whole situation a tad less awkward :)
    cya tomorrow
    ps dont forget to complete the bio worksheet that she gave us in class
    lol well i was kinda busy :)
    but its all gud
    mayb next term
    ive had alotta hw and stuff..but i got through it all :) yay!
    im almost finished by extremely long and tiresome ipt assignment but the end result will be beautiful *sobs*
    how has ur study been going for u?
    hope u ace the half yearlys :)
    lol its k :) cool
    hope u had fun :)
    so how was the thing today? personally, it was alrite but not as great as last year's one
    do u hav maths tomorrow in the morning?
    u guys can still all come to the breakfast thing coz it finishes at 8:30 am
    so that means u still hav time to enjoy the occasion and eat :) ...mmmm food
    anywayz then cya tomorrow
    um yeah it was aite i guess :) but i thought that it would b funner....anywayz :) peter was the life of the swimming carnival :)
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