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  • Lol, you were banned? What for?
    And glad to know that everything is going well. I'm in exam period at the moment...i should really get off this site haha.
    lol yeah i wish dw meant arthur's sister... but then people would know that deep down im girly which i dont want anyone to know lol. but omg omg omg i love that show..its so cute.
    yeah science is pretty interesting..if only i was naturally good at it. im just naturally good at english subjects or subjects that require a lot of writing. you should stick with it seems like you are really enjoying it + you are naturally gifted at it..go for it.
    no, i dont play cod, i wish i did. its a really good game but my younger sister wont let me buy it :) i do play console games though...a lot of them when im on hols :) wbu? what are your fave games?
    dw means dont worry. holy moly hd's in everything??? dude, youre a machine. im getting credits-distinctions in everything.
    lol cod...what an awesome game.
    wow, biomedical sounds like a really hard degree. dw, there are heaps of people in my course that are still unsure of what they want to do. You'll know what you want to do soon enough. Are you enjoying your course so far?
    i know :) I remember a lot of people on here. Yes i understand what you mean. This site was more awesome before it went into crash mode. All of these new members none of which post anything really interesting. Even the old members are becoming more rude than what they were before. Heaps of the forums are dead. A lot of the good members stopped coming on which is really disappointing and a lot also got banned which is a shame. Yeah I realised that heaps of the groups are dead...cant access everything...some threads are empty even though people have made heaps of posts in them...disappointing in a way. Anyway enough about that. How have you been? You studying at a tertiary institution?
    heyy are you doing? I havent talked to you in a while. I love what you have done with your black and red...its really awesome :)
    P.S. What's your email?
    I'll send you a song that I reckon will fit into your music taste :D
    But yeah... I'm more of a Tech Death guy than a guttaral guy. I just find that most guttaral bands don't change up their songs enough, I don't mean in terms of riffs, I love how Guttaral bands throw riffs into a song, one after the other, just as you get your head around the last! I just mean that most of them need more variation in the vocals, less scalatic guitar riffs, more sudden pitch jumps, more speed changes, etc. One of my fave bands atm is Car_Bomb, and the great thing about them is how they jump from rhythm to rhythm when they are playing loud and hard, so you can't keep up, and then suddenly, they'll ease it all off and give you a jazzy lick, or a D-beat. Makes for fun listening. (although, admittedly, their vocalist is boring as fuck, and every now and then I do miss a good gurggle/barrage of sound).
    Hahaha if you like them, you're gonna love Guttaral Secrete!
    They're faster, the guitar parts are more interesting, the vocals change things up a little more, and the bass is clearer. Only downfall is that the drummer really drowns out his pedals with his china. They need to bring his pedals further forward in the mix, and he needs to tighten his snare.
    lol im not religious so i dont care lol
    so ur like totally into this metal stuff like FULL ON
    cool :)
    wow, ur user customisation kinda says it all :)
    but na, its cool
    YAY, burning down the school sounds like fun
    can i join in?
    im captain of my school so my main goal for 2010 was to rampage the school and hold the teachers hostage :)
    ive heard of vital remains, might have to check them out.
    what's their best album?
    and just post on my wall instead of PM'ing :)
    Though yeah, not usually the kind of stuff I'm into. I'm more tech death than grind, but I do like some grind every now and then.
    Hahaha the youtube vids that came with the first band were fun XD

    I loved the Lord Gore Stuff :]
    Was great!
    Blood freak not as much...
    I'm not so much of a fan of the vocals in either though, I always thought of the more gurggly stuff as horrible if you use it too much in one song. It's really good when you use it every now and then, or if you use it heaps but break it up with some really dry harsh stuff, but yeah.

    But yeah, I love Lord Gore now :p
    I like their mini solos too, so many grindcore bands could take a hint from those, it really helps break up the grinding rhythm of it all. Love it :]
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