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  • lol ty

    im actually surprised that my skool greatly exceeded last year, we went from like rank 63 to about 38 xD ....actually the majority of skools in my area did very well this year
    lol yer im happy with final atar, i mean wat dikhead is UNHAPPY with 99+ LOL

    but chem was annoying =S lol

    but seriously FUCKING GUN YOU ARE!!!!!!!!! =]]]
    lol eng was not internal mark fault, it was 88 and 88 *sigh*
    but in chem i got ext: 95, internal 91 so went to HSC mark of 93

    final atar: 99.30
    holy fukin shit i see u got 99.95
    CONGRATU-FUCKING-LATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD xD xD

    for me: CURSE ENGLISH and CHEMISTRY internal mark!!!! lol, i was looking good in chem until i saw my internal mark lol
    lolol yea the exam didnt test too much content =S so all that memorising work was wasted =[[ lol
    but yea i thought it was fairly basic, so now ima just heaps nervous about any little errors i wud have made =S lol

    hahaha ur an expert on restoration aye?? geez thats gonna be UBER useful in later life =P

    but NOW IM FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD xD xD ...just spent the last 4hr at the net cafe xD xD xD feels so good to finish!!!!
    Yer true. Plus it seems like a lot of people did good. Which is a pain cos the test would've failed at differentiating people.

    That really put my hopes down.
    Well, there was a heavy focus on production. Which was good imho. It's probably the topic everyone is strongest at seeing as we've studies it for longest.
    Well I thought I did ok. But I've picked up on a couple of mistakes since getting home.

    I cbb posting MC. But I'm sure I got atleast 1 wrong.
    how do you reckon you went today danny???
    lol u snaffled up the last day lol

    ummmmmm well i didnt really see the benefit in going earlier or later lol,,,,and i need to go into the city on that day anyway lol so i chose it xD xD
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