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  • hahahaha well just for the sake of it: STUDY FREAK GOT 100% IN 3u !!!!!!!!!!!

    lol but yea i shud start doin my bio now.....SO MUCH CONTENT!!! lol

    oh and btw i DID end up getting an UNCLE interview....FRIKKEN AUSTRALIA POST! lol ....when's ur UNSW one?? ima 20th of November xD xD
    well done danny xD xD ....i'll have to wait and see if the top guy gets a state rank tho, i hope he does, he's such a nice guy and i really want him to do well lolol

    hmmmm ext1 was fair easy,,,,i counted up that at minimum i cud get 76 out of 84 (i dun remember my answers for 8 of the marks =S lol) but yea hoping for 80+ bout you??? reading that thread looks like you found it easy too!!! xD xD

    now just gotta do bio tomorrow then i get to revise my FAVOURTIE topic of SHIPWRECKS!!!!!!! =P =P
    hmmmmmmm ima not that happy =[[[
    i shud have done a lot better, twas an easy test: expecting around 100-110 =S
    how bout you?!?!?

    but the top guy at my skool reckons he MIGHT have a shot at 120/120, he reckons he got everything out fine, however i think it's unlikely (he's prone to making a couple of stupid errors lol)
    GREAT work danny xD (see i didn call u study freak this time =P) goes to show they obviously dun look at it section by section =P
    I wouldn't say good. Unpredictable, yes. Bit worried bout the marking and some important things I might've got wrong.

    But neway, gona go do eng.
    I hadn't heard of it till then :)

    Rank 254 last year... which is a decent rank. Where my school used to be after last year's horrendous results it plummeted around the 514 mark XD... bahaha
    back to being "friends" huh?
    ye argument is really meant to happen between friends anyway. right...?
    It wasn't my intention to take this issue personally. I guess my I poorly handled this situation.

    I was just simply put off my michaelmoo's post and by your posts supporting his idea. I apologise if I took it too personally on you.
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