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    General Thoughts: Society and Culture

    I put observation. Not sure of answer though
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    Repeating year 12

    why repeat when there are plenty of pathways you can get into even if you fail. its honestly a waste to repeat. 2 people from my school had to repeat as they were away most of year 12 and instead they finished their hsc at tafe.
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    General Thoughts: Society and Culture

    it was authority as the government has the authority to pass a law.
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    2015ers Chit-Chat Thread

    good luck 2015'ers. just a small piece of advice that i have learnt this year that work hard throughout the year because the hsc is a all year effort and not something you can ace just by studying the night before. again good luck with your studies
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    Maths In Focus vs Fitzpatrick Vs Terry Lee Vs Cambridge

    our school gave us fitzpatrick and to be honest i found that it was very similar to hsc questions. if u want a bit of a challenge i recommend that you work with cambridge. but if you also want to excel use success one and like 1-2 past papers every day and mark them as this helped me heaps...
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    Maths Extension 2? Should i do it with 13 units?

    i did extension 1 in year 11 and dropped it in late term 1 this year as it took alot of my time especially with the fact that i am doing alot of humanities subjects. but if you feel that u can give it the time it needs and get the marks (which by the looks of it your already are) then go ahead...
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    PIP Topics?

    your topic sounds impressive and unique. i talked about the difficulties women face in australian politics with a focus on Julia Gillard. i talked about the misrepresentation of women like how cartoons were produced of Julia Gillard that had presented her in a derogatory manner.
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    Multiple Choice Answers.

    for some reason our examiners dont give us the papers. i asked and they said that what ever we give you must come back to us.:confused2:
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    General Thoughts: Society and Culture

    it was alright not to bad. multiple choice was a bit challenging though.