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    Engineering at UNSW - computing 1A??

    I am doing 1917, flexible first year, and looking to go into Mechanical or Mechatronics as well OP, it doesn't require any previous knowledge but they require you to no be a retard around computers. Albeit, it's only been 1 week ^^. Who are you btw?
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    Semester 1 2012 Timetables! Hmmm no idea.
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    MC Q14 and Q20

    I agree completely, the first approach is what I took.. I think a little bit of order is necessary
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    how much did you write?

    I wrote 7 pages with 11 words a line for the quanta to quarks thing.. only cause I finished early; all I did was just spew out the development of like the relavent shit from quanta to quarks.
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    Serious question

    That's what you are suppose to do.
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    Multiple Choice

    As the pendulum enters the magnetic field there is a change in magnetic flux which makes it slow down, but when it is inside the loop, the pendulum is going through the same magnetic flux/flux density and hence their is no change when it swings through the magnetic field. However, when it leaves...
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    Whats this years Cut-off?

    You guys are doing the opposite of the Math Ext 1 exam in which the thought the cutoff would be around 50%, personally I found this physics exam pretty lenient, but by no means does that account for other people's perspectives.. Sure the people on this board found it easy.. but what about the...
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    Multiple Choice

    I don't think this is right; gravitational potential energy is the work done to move an object from a very large distance away to a point in a gravitational field; this being said, that at an infinite distance, the GPE = 0, at any distance lower than infinity, the GPE < 0. Therefore as you get...
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    MC Q14 and Q20

    The answer was A, eddy currents are still produced in the ring, they are just small ones as a complete one does not work... so... due to lenz's law the current would result in A.
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    can i still get 80 atar?

    I did, but they are assessment marks, they do not matter AT ALL anymore.
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    can i still get 80 atar?

    These are my ranks for my subjects and overall marks with CSSA trials: - English Adv: 10 / 32 - 89% - Mathematics 2u: 1/9 - 92% - Mathematics Ext1: 1/3 - 93% - English Ext1: 4/4 - 76% - Physics: 1/ 9 - 90% - Engineering Studies: 1/5 - 92% Now, I completely and utterly got fucked by my exams...
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    So........ does band 6 cut off depending on........

    I am first too, and I couldn't care any less I bring the rest of the class down.
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    Plans for post HSC?

    If that is you in your picture, you would have no trouble.
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    physics question? HELPP

    I just did it and got v = 11.71ms as well so I guess thats your answer buddy
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    So.. 1 more exam to go.

    I thought you did Physics?? So lost.