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    hey :) isn't it hard to study Biology, Chemistry, Physics , I mean like 3 science subjects wow that's hard? I do chem and bio and its kind of okay.. this is random lol
    Lol yeah.. it seems you have. =='

    Only thing left is to delete this account. I'm gone (have fun with Bored of Hsc, he's pretty boring imo)
    This notion of political correctness is subjective. I therefore classify myself as politically incorrect.

    Lol i once had "syntax" as a technique for a english essay. So your improper use of syntax stresses/highlights how much you suckkk :p
    Wow, and i can finally reach 5 feet tall :D

    And lol imagines you when confronting a thief *pulls out stilleto* FREEZE BIATCH!!
    Yeah yeah, all da moniezz and diamondzz. Business? You ain't seen nothing orite.

    I'll seee you in 2 hours!! (i've made boredofhsc drink sleep potion so he ain't coming to help you)
    Yeah dw we got this. I'll hold him down you beat da shit out of him. He won't know what's coming. (stiletto him too lol)
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