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  • Lol, it drains my time AND energy.
    It makes me feel like shit and I still stay on. No knowledge or happiness is gained. It's creepy.


    I love all sorts of music ranging from tech to classical lol. Hit me with your favourite song.
    I deactivated FB.
    It drains my energy lol.
    I added your msn on your 'about me' tab.

    I've never really camped. Would totally love to.
    What music are you into?
    What do you do for work?
    Man I really want to like camp out on a beach. How pretty would that be.
    I'm tired. Wake me up.
    AHAH yes. Those questions help soothe the rape.
    Chem's your next test?
    I'm screwed for that thing. And I want Chem to count ='[

    So what has been happeninggggggggggggggggggggg.
    They're known for technology, it's a pretty good place. Smack bam in the middle of the city lol.
    That makes me feel better that someone is as doomed as me.

    Lol what does M+ do?
    ZOMG Pol( does something with Pythagoras. If you enter Pol(3,4) I get r=5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We'll learn to laugh in morse code =]

    Lol I wrote my belonging story on North of Sydney vs Parramatta because I'm a loser.

    So what made you join BoS?
    I don't want to +C to my memory.
    What beach? It's always a long distance to travel to the beach. All worth it in the end =]

    It's like raining here? My blinds are getting epically raped by the wind. Lol where are you?
    I'm so noob, I'm just doing question 1's and 2's lollllllllll

    Yes! Then we can bitch about people in morse code.

    I want to get into USYD or UTS!
    Nice =]
    I'm going to do all the crazy things after you know, learning morse code, braille and sign language.
    How about future plans?

    Lol, thanks, cause I thought that function didn't work.
    I can't study for MX1 right now. It's horrible.
    Lol I want to go straight to the beach after my SDD exam.
    What are you doing after the HSC?

    I have MX1, Bio, Chem, Phys, and SDD left.. FML?
    But I'd rather have a series of tests than bloody major works =D

    Hey did they reset your calculator for EES?

    Btw I moved the convo cause it's annoying when I don't know what I typed to you before whereas you can view the convo on visitors messages lol.
    Yo. n_n Just noticed you're another Earth and Environmental Sciency person (not many around these parts!).
    Just wanted to wish you luck for the exam tomorrow. :) Hopefully they be nice to us! haha. :D
    hey, im doing at mornington, father and child and violets! haha not really im just using the generic quotes everyone uses :$ u?
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